HTC Reckons the Answer to Your Big-Phone Problems Is a Small Bluetooth Phone

Phones are getting bigger; some are even too big for pockets. So what's the answer to your too-big-to-use-as-a-phone issues? A mini Bluetooth phone that connects to your real phone, of course. Or at least that's what HTC thinks. Meet the HTC Mini+. Yeah, that just happened. Read More >>

London's 'Walkie Scorchie' Tower Is Really Just a Massive Free Tanning Salon

Careful where you walk in London on a sunny day, you might end up inadvertently getting cooked. Apparently the weird-looking new Walkie Talkie skyscraper in the city acts as a giant mirror, focussing the Sun's intense rays on the street below, blinding people and actually melting cars. Read More >>

The PS4 Will Have Voice and Facial Recognition too

Continuing the "everything you can do, I can do better" war, Sony's confirmed that the PS4 will be able to mimic the Xbox One with both facial and voice recognition, so you'll be able to scream at your PlayStation too. Read More >>

How Many of You Own a Phablet?

Phablets seem to be winning the device category war that's going on right now, at least in Asia. More phablets are being sold than both laptops and tablets combined, which begs the question: How many phablets are in the hands of Brits? And would you really buy one instead of a laptop? Read More >>

Apparently Aliens Make Samsung Phones

This explains a lot. According to a leaked video, the brains behind the phone deluge from Samsung are apparently alien in origin. Maybe they'll be able to beam me back home after their keynote, then? It might also explain Samsung's latest gigantophone -- clearly extra-terrestrials have much bigger hands than us puny humans. [Samsung] Read More >>

iPhone 5S "Confirmed" and It Should Be Here on September 20th

Rumours cropping up over the weekend, as we were all taking it easy, suggest that Apple's steadfastly sticking with its "iPhone 5S" naming scheme, which would make total sense if there's an iPhone 5C popping up soon too. Meanwhile, according to an alleged holiday blackout for Apple staffers, at least one new iPhone should be here around September 20th. Read More >>

Vodafone's Selling Up and Getting the Heck Out of America

You might not know this, but one of Vodafone's biggest assets is a 45 per cent chunk of US phone network Verizon Wireless. Now, in a new strategy to concentrate on Europe (which could be good for us Brits), Vodafone's flogging its stake in the jointly-owned network for £83.6 billion. That's a heck of a lot of 4G masts. Read More >>

Is Anyone Really Going to Upgrade to Feedly Pro?

Feedly's probably the best Google Reader replacement currently out there. It's got mobile apps, syncing systems, and a decent desktop view. Now it's pushed out a "Pro" version to the general public for £3.20 a month with a few extra bits and pieces like search and encryption. What I want to know is: is anyone even remotely tempted to upgrade? Read More >>

I Wonder If Ballmer's Still Going to Get a White Xbox One?

Rumour has it Microsoft employees are getting a special edition of the Xbox One, all shiny, silvery, and in white, with a two-tone controller to boot. According to a Redditor, it'll also come packing a year of Xbox Live and "all 1P games" (first-party), which sounds like a pretty epic package that won't be for sale to the general public, at least in the near future. Now that Ballmer's officially leaving, do you reckon his is up for grabs? I call dibs. [Reddit via TechRadar] Read More >>

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Get Familiar With the Xbox One's Controller

The Xbox One is coming. When precisely, we don't know (what the hell, Microsoft?) but it'll be around November. One of the most important things for any console is how the controller handles. Microsoft took the time to refine and perfect an already decent Xbox controller. Here's what's new and improved. Read More >>

You Can Listen to the Leaked GTA V Soundtrack Right Now

Over the bank holiday weekend, it looks like Sony managed to leak a load of GTA V assets thanks to its European pre-order system on the PS3. Part of the leak was a massive audio file from which people started to compile list of tracks for each of its traditionally-hilarious radio stations that allegedly form GTA V's truly badass soundtrack. Read More >>

BT's Shutting Down Dial-Up

Wait, people still use dial-up? Apparently so, and it costs more to use dial-up than it does to just pay for broadband. Either way, BT's pulling the plug on the 1st of September, so it's either get update or go dark. Read More >>

How Many Hours of TV a Month Do You Watch On Your Phone or Tablet?

Apparently your average UK bod spends 90 minutes gawping at their favourite TV shows and movies on devices other than the TV in their living room. That means a phone, a tablet or laptop. That's a bit much, isn't it? Do you watch lots of TV on your phone or something? Read More >>

Glasgow Gets Dolby Atmos-Enabled

Good news today for our Scottish friends. The future of cinema sound has finally made its way up to you, as the new Vue Glasgow Fort has had Dolby Atmos installed, joining London's Empire Leicester Square as the first Atmos screens in the country. Trust us, it's worth getting ears on if you can. Read More >>

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Oh My Word, These Next-Gen Graphics Almost Look Better Than the Real Thing

This is it folks. We've hit the uncanny valley and totally careered across it. This amazing demo of the next iteration of the CryEngine from the Crysis folks shows that next-gen graphics are going to look so good, so realistic, that they might even be better than the real thing. Read More >>

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What Do London Tube Stations Taste Like?

James Wannerton has synaesthesia, a neurological condition that mixes up your senses in the brain, which means he can taste what he sees. Now he's put that incredible power to good use to tell us what each Tube stop tastes like, having spent 49 years visiting each one on the London Underground. In what's probably the weirdest Tube map spin-off ever, Wimbledon is apparently like jelly, whereas Mile End tastes like fingernails. Yuck. Read More >>


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