Early Benchmarks Show New Nexus 7 Is Blazing Fast

The first batch of new Nexus 7s are in the hands of testers, so what's the first thing everyone does? Run benchmarks, of course. And what do they all tell us? Google's new tablet is blazing fast; especially considering it's saddled with last year's top-of-the-line processor. It's almost as fast as an HTC One for goodness sake. Read More >>

4G Nexus 7 Coming to the UK for £299, a Few Weeks After the Wi-Fi Models

The UK will get the 4G-ready Nexus 7, with Google and Asus confirming it'll arrive shortly after the two Wi-Fi units appear, for a rather lofty price of £299. Read More >>

This Is How Apple Should Do Multitasking on the iPhone

If you ever thought that Apple's implementation of 'multitasking' sucked, you weren't alone. Now you can do something about it, because frankly, this awesome jailbreak tweak called Auxo is precisely how Apple should do it. In fact, Apple, just buy this and integrate it, now. Read More >>

BlackBerry Z10 Named as First BB10 Hardware

Mobile phone industry sources claim RIM's about to dump its traditional naming convention when it launches those new BB10 handsets next January, with one of the two new BlackBerry models it's set to announce going under the name BlackBerry Z10. Read More >>


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