The Most Important Music App Nobody’s Talking About

By Evolver.FM on at

In order for a technology to take off these days, it has to be simple. Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, Spotify -- each can be summed up in a sentence or so and readily understood from the very first time you use it. Tomahawk is more complicated, but if you're a music fan who listens to music on a laptop or desktop -- and has friends who do too -- it warrants a try, and possibly a place in your quiver of favourite music apps.

Dead Plant Booze-Fuel Could Replace Petrol

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve been making leaps and bounds on using ethanol as a replacement fuel to petrol, but it’s always been a bit pricey to produce. A brand new enzyme means we might finally be able to stick pure-booze created from dead plants in our tanks and it won’t cost a bomb.

The Foxconn Reality: "Better" Is Still Bad

By Sam Biddle on at

Week after week we hear Foxconn horror stories, but Apple's gadget metropolis is just one place inside an enormous country. Detractors say it's inhumane; defenders say it's way above the norm. But what does "bad" really mean inside a Chinese factory? Let's put Foxconn in context.