IBM Busts Record for ‘Superconducting’ Quantum Computer

By Wired on at

Today's quantum computers are no more than experiments. Researchers can string together a handful of quantum bits -- seemingly magical bits that store a "1″ and "0″ at the same time -- and these ephemeral creations can run relatively simple algorithms. But new research from IBM indicates that far more complex quantum computers aren't that far away.


LG: Quad-Core and LTE Will Kill Your Battery, But We're Working On It

By Sam Gibbs on at

While it doesn’t make much difference to us poor 4G-less Britons, LG’s new quad-core flagship line is conspicuously missing any LTE models. Apparently the reason for that is battery drain – LG’s working hard to try and combine quad-core beasts with LTE that’ll actually last a day, but we’re not going to see it this year.