Here's a Kickstarter to Buy Kickstarter

By Casey Chan on at

Kickstarters are usually started to raise funds to make wacky concepts real, put cool ideas in our life and apparently, to buy Kickstarter itself. In this hilarious Kickstarter hosted on Kickstarter, Eric Moneypenny wants to raise funds to buy Kickstarters.

Got £600,000 to Spare? Blow It on the Biggest TV You'll Ever See From Harrods

By Sam Gibbs on at

You’ve just won the lottery and you’ve got a spare £600,000-odd burning a whole in your pocket; what do you spend it on when you’ve already got a Bugatti Veyron, a penthouse in Kensington, and a yacht bigger than my house? How about an absolutely massive TV? Panasonic’s commercial 4k2k, 152-inch monster plasma screen is now on sale to regular consumers in the UK, courtesy of the new technology section of Harrods.

People In the UK Are Still Buying Symbian Phones

By Sam Gibbs on at

New research has shown that Nokia’s Windows Phone strategy hasn’t totally backfired – it’s now selling more Lumias than Symbian-powered handsets. That’s great, but the real take away from this is that people are still buying Symbian handsets in the UK. You have to ask, why?