Let's Golf 2 for Windows Phone 7: Fore!

By Roberto Baldwin on at

In the real world, golf is the game you play between attempts to drift a golf cart. I'm sure dressing like you're going to world's blandest ska show while swinging a stick is fun. But it's funner (that's a word) when you you can level up your balls in a video game based on golf.

How Christmas Tree Lights Evolved from Major to Mild Fire Hazard

By Rachel Swaby on at

Before our Christmas tree lighting needs were taken care of with £20 and a trip to Argos, creating the atmosphere meant placing candles—wax towers topped with fire—onto seasonal kindling. Think it's frightening now when your dog tugs a branch? Just imagine your living room bursting into flames for the sake of Christmas cheer.

Scientists About to Find The Force

If confirmed next week, this will be the biggest news in the history of physics since the birth of the Theory of Relativity: CERN scientists may have already found evidence of the existence of the elusive Higgs boson. THE FORCE, dudes:

You’re Probably Going to Hate the New Twitter

By Casey Chan on at

Twitter is pushing out a pretty big redesign that feels more app-like and focuses on keeping you on Twitter longer, seeing stories evolve and following conversations. One thing that'll surely rankle a lot of feathers: your timeline is on the right side! But even more important: this is a Twitter for the lurkers.