Even After Shutting Down, LimeWire Can't Catch a Break

By Andrew Tarantola on at

LimeWire has been kaput as a file-sharing service since October but that hasn't stopped its legal woes. Now, after settling with the RIAA to the tune of £66 million, the MPAA and a host of indie music labels have filed lawsuits against the company as well. Talk about beating a dead horse.

The First Look at an Ocean on Mars

By Jesus Diaz on at

We knew there was water in abundance in Mars, but we never saw its ocean. This is it, as uncovered by strong new evidence found over the course of two years by the MARSIS radar on board ESA's Mars Express.

Even Knitting Needles Are Awesome in Space

By Michael Hession on at

Even the most mundane objects and experiences seem to become totally amazing up in space. Like, say, this knitting needle that's been charged with static electricity interacting with tiny droplets of water. Combine the electric charge with the velocity of the droplet, and the result is a gravity-like orbit of the water around the needle.

A Watch That Helps You Stop Watching the Clock

By Mario Aguilar on at

Days fly by no matter what, and if you're the type of stressed-out person who's always counting every second, sometimes a watch just makes you feel worse. Denis Guidone's "Sometimes" watch is intentionally disorienting, which might actually ameliorate your anxiety.