Police to Get New 3D Laser Scanners For Motorway Smash-Ups

By Sam Gibbs on at

Helping free the injured and clearing up accidents is only half the problem of car crashes on our motorways -- the police and traffic officers also have to catalogue the scene to work out what happened and who's going to pay for the mess. New 3D laser scanners should hopefully cut motorway closure times by capturing the scene in minutes, speeding up the laborious process dramatically.

Mr. Dirt Head?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There's a simple formula behind these eco-friendly toys designed by Noa Himelfarb: Kids like dirt + kids like animals + kids like building = Muzoo. So instead of creating a creature from a potato, they use a lump of mud.

The Social Network that Stole Christmas

By Mat Honan on at

Imagine a social network that combines the voyeurism of Facebook with the visual intimacy of Instagram, the real-time newsreel of Twitter with the exclusiveness of a backyard barbecue. It exists. It's Path. And over the past few weeks it's forever changed how I see my own little slice of the world. It's going to be huge.

Why You have B.O. and Other Sweaty Facts

By Rachel Swaby on at

With all the exuberant resolutions and New Year's exercising, there's going to be a lot of sweat—or sweating it—this month. The anxiety got us wondering, why do we sweat? Is it different in smell and texture depending on the cause? Does it sometimes maybe even smell good?