How to Make Milk That'll Get You Hammered

By Brent Rose on at

When I was a kid, there used to be a mason jar in my house that was always kept just out of my reach. It looked like it was filled yogurt, but grosser. Runny, chunky, with a sickly yellow color. I didn't find out until years later that it was actually the most delicious milk liqueur I've ever tasted.

Use Siri on Your Mac (Sort Of)

By Casey Chan on at

Air Dictate is a clever little app that ports the power of Siri over to the Mac. Kind of. It doesn't have any of the bells and whistles of Siri (don't go starting conversations!) but rather, uses the extremely accurate speech recognition engine in Siri to dictate text to your Mac.

Cloud Copy: A Unified Clipboard

By Casey Chan on at

Moving text from your iPhone to your Mac usually involves copying it to an email. Sending the email. Copying it from the email and pasting it where I need to it go. Usually it's a URL or snippet of text I need access to while on the go. And getting text from the Mac to the iPhone is the same in reverse. Cloud Copy creates a cloud-based clipboard that makes copying and pasting between devices easy.

Will Christmas Defeat Porn This Year?

By Sam Biddle on at

Most people only care about Christmas for a few weeks out of every year, but porn is on our minds every day. But what's this? Each year "Christmas" briefly eclipses "porn" on Google? Will purity reign? Not this year, baby.