Yes, the BlackBerry Z10 Is 4G in the UK, But There's a Problem

So, BlackBerry's finally pushed a new flagship out, and like any good flagship phone it's packing LTE. In fact, it's available on 4G right now, thanks to EE. The most interesting thing, however, is it'll also potentially support the other UK networks' 4G -- Vodafone calls it "4G-ready" -- but, there's one small issue: Only one of our UK 4G auction bands is actually supported. Read More >>

Everything Everywhere Gets Ready to Flog Some of Its Potentially 4G-Capable 1800MHz Spectrum

Given that Everything Everywhere is attempting to swap 3G for 4G services on its 1800MHz band, you’d be forgiven for thinking that selling off a chunk of it wouldn’t be the best move in the world. It’s being forced to sell it off as a condition of the merger between Orange and T-Mobile that created the super-network. Could this provide a small chunk of 4G-capable spectrum to one of its competitors? Read More >>

O2 Joins Vodafone at the Everything Everywhere 4G Complaint Party (Updated)

It was kind of inevitable that the other networks were going to balk at the idea of letting the super-network Everything Everywhere trade some of its masses of 3G spectrum for 4G, but now O2’s officially thrown its toys out of the pram too. Read More >>


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