Apple is Probably Going to Run a Sequel to its "1984" Ad During the Super Bowl

30 years ago, the Los Angeles Raiders were slaughtering the Washington Redskins at halftime in SuperBowl XVIII, when America was stopped in it's tracks by a gal with an Brigitte Nielsen haircut and a hammer, running towards the screen. Read More >>

The Easter Eggs Are Back In OS X—and This One Is Great

Right after Steve Jobs came back to lead Apple, he declared a total ban on software Easter Eggs and credits in the About box of every product made in Cupertino. They are back now. And this one is insanely great: Read More >>

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Watch Steve Wozniak Talk About the Good Old Times at Apple -- Because He's Just Awesome

Listening to Woz during dinner and at the Gizmodo Gallery opening was some of the most enjoyable time spent of my life. His stories were absolutely fascinating. And not only the ones about The Other Steve, but all the technical stuff that he did back in the good old times, where computers were still fun and simple. Read More >>

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Watch Steve Jobs and Woz Go "Bluebusting" In This Crazy Leaked Apple Ghostbusters Spoof From 1984

It seems all of Apple's secret 1980s propaganda videos are leaking out of Cupertino. Just a week after we saw Steve Jobs bizarrely masquerading as Franklin Roosevelt, here's another super-corny cameo-ridden treat for you. Apple's Ghostbusters spoof, Bluebusters, takes the fight to IBM. Read More >>

Apple's Marketing Guru: The 1984 Ad Was More Successful Than Apple Itself

In 1984, Apple launched an ad campaign based on George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, which depicted IBM users as mindless followers and Mac users as visionaries and rebels. Now, the man behind it, Regis McKenna, has explained that he think it was more successful than the product it attempted to sell. Read More >>

How the Best Super Bowl Commercial Was Almost Cancelled by Apple

You know Apple's 1984 commercial. You've seen Apple's 1984 commercial. Heck, it's widely accepted that the 1984 commercial is one of the best ads of all time. But did you know it was almost cancelled by Apple before it ever aired? Read More >>


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