Apple's Next iPhone Home Page Will Probably Look Like This

Get used to this. Come October, it could be Apple's home page for the entire winter. Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek has rendered new images of the new iPhone 2012 — or iPhone 5, or, most probably just iPhone — to make it look like bona fide Apple eye candy. Read More >>

The New iPhone 2012 In White Looks Amazing Too

If the new iPhone 2012 looks beautiful in black—in all its 80s Sony-ish glory—the renderings of the white model are even prettier. The aluminum and chrome unibody with the white accents looks just gorgeous. Read More >>

Fake Clouds and Real Cows Bring the British Countryside to the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Director Danny Boyle has revealed his plans for the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, and for once it's not all bowler hats and red buses. We'll be seeing a fake Glastonbury, real cows, battling traditional and modern mosh pits and simulated rolling countryside welcoming the world to London 2012. Read More >>

What's Apple Going to Announce Tonight? (Updated)

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference kicks off around 6pm tonight. There will be lots of major announcements for sure, so get ready for an exciting summer. Here's what we know, what we think, and what we hope is coming: Read More >>

Olympic Torch Tax Will Get the UK's Economy Back on Track

All those people currently jogging around the country as part of the national advert for the Olympics have popped up on the HMRC's radar, with the UK's tax inspector warning potential torch eBayers that they're liable to tax on the proceeds. Read More >>

Twitter Wilts Under Olympic Pressure to Suspend Protest Account Over Logo Use

Twitter, which gained some positive press earlier this month for refusing to hand over user details and tweets to the US authorities, has undone all of that good work by surrendering to the absurd demands of the Olympic organisers and suspending a protest account that used the Olympic logo as part of its avatar. Read More >>

MacBook Pro Price Reduction Signals Imminent Launch

Best Buy has put the MacBook Pro on sale: $100 off every model. If that's not the clearest sign that the next generation MacBook Pro 2012 is around the corner—probably for WWDC 2012 on June 11—I don't know what is. Read More >>

"Olympic" Galaxy Note Means... Union Jack Back Cover

Here's another thing for the pile of patriotic rubbish we'll all be slowly accumulating as the summer rolls on, a special Olympic themed version of Samsung's popular Galaxy Note phone/tablet Android device. Read More >>

Jungle Science: Mayans Actually Didn't Predict a 2012 Apocalypse

According to recently uncovered jungle etchings, the great Mayan 2012 Apocalypse myth is not only just that—the Mayan calendar actually allowed for octillions of years of world history. So, um, I guess we can all relax now! Read More >>

WARNING: Massive Flood of Patriotic Rubbish Incoming

We have here a couple of DAB radios. One is a new offering from Philips, which probably works perfectly well and looks like a useful little thing for £49.99. Another is the Evoke from Pure, which just like the Philips, is probably a darling little machine that just wants to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style alongside its hefty £149.99 price tag. Just a shame that both have been ruined by having flags stuck on the front (and backside) of each radio. Read More >>

MP Warns the Olympics Might Get Hacked as SOCA's Site Lays Down and Dies

It's not the best time to be a government site at the moment, it seems hackers think you're fair game. SOCA's been taken out by a botnet army in a classic DDoS attack, while we're being warned that the upcoming London Olympics aren't exactly immune to the wrath of hackers either, although the government is trying its best. Read More >>

Look up! London's Pretend Olympic Military Terror Tests Start Today

Those odd war games the Ministry of Defence has been planning are about to kick off today, with the series of military tests seeing jets and choppers buzzing over London for the next seven days. Read More >>

East London Flats Fitted With Surface-to-Air Missiles to Keep Olympics... Safe

The Ministry of Defence is planning to place surface-to-air missiles on the top of a building in East London, just in case some crazed terrorist lunatic tries to crash a plane into the opening ceremony or, god forbid, disrupt the women's high jump. Read More >>

Will Apple's WWDC Bring the Next Generation MacBook Pro?

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference for 2012 has just been announced, but what are we likely to see? Will this be the first keynote taken by Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook and what will he have for us? My money's on the next-generation MacBook Pro 2012. Read More >>

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2012 Will Start On June 11

Heads up, people! The 2012 edition of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference — one of its biggest yearly events — has dates: June 11 to June 15 in San Francisco, California. Traditionally, new stuff always appears at the WWDC, sometimes hardware, sometimes software. Read More >>

Rubbish Metal Tube Wins Design of the Year Award

That's the London 2012 Olympic Torch, which the Design Museum has declared its 2012 Design of the Year award winner. Not a bad result for a glorified cigarette lighter. Read More >>


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