"Build-a-Baby" DNA Database Patent Sounds Worryingly Like Gattaca

Do you remember Gattaca, the 1997 dystopian sci-fi film in which Ethan Hawke endures a lifetime of prejudice because his parents chose not to supercharge his genes at birth? It's an unsettling vision of an intolerant future, and one that could become a reality if 23andMe's "Build-a-Baby" DNA database patent ever becomes an actual thing. Read More >>

It Now Only Costs £60 To Know Everything About Your DNA

Mapping out your genome is the 21st Century equivalent of staring deep inside your soul; it's tempting to look, but terrifying what you might find. The DNA divers at 23andMe are hoping that slashing the price of their home-testing service—from $300 (£186) down to $100 (£62)—will be enough to tilt the scales towards discovery. Are they right? Read More >>


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