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Look Through London's Windows in BT's Incredible 320 Gigapixel Panorama

Someone's been spending a lot of work time up the top of London's BT Tower with a camera, assembling an astounding 320 gigapixel panoramic image of the capital from 48,000 individual frames and building the world's largest panorama shot. Read More >>

Incoming Xbox Internet Explorer Will Be Kinect Driven—You Know, Like Minority Report

Rumour: the Xbox will get a full version of Internet Explorer. More rumours: it will rely heavily on Kinect controls, for Minority Report style operation, and voice control. More more rumours: no date on launching date yet. [The Verge] Read More >>

Channel 5 Shows "World's First" 360 Degree TV Broadcast

This tantalising hint of the future shows us a world where there's a proper use for secondary screens when watching TV, by giving users an accompanying 360 degree view of the studio managed by a touchscreen. Read More >>

Sony Planning PS4's Arrival to Coincide With Next-Gen Xbox

Sony's gaming division is tracking the growing rumours of a new Microsoft console, with the aim being to release its PlayStation4 as near to it as possible -- so there won't be a huge headstart for Microsoft this time around. Read More >>


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