Take And Share 3D Images Like It's No Big Deal

What we experience in real life isn't enough, so our digital lives are becoming more and more 3D. iOS 7 has parallax, movies want you to feel like you've been hit in the face with a satellite, and lots of developers have been trying to make 3D photography easy. Seene for iOS seems like a solid step. Read More >>

Stan Lee Explains Why 3D Movies Suck

It's not that 3D movies aren't worth watching because some totally are (see: Gravity). It's that Hollywood loves to shove it down our throat as something new and fancy and some sort of advanced technology and trendy and bullcrap like that. It's not! Read More >>

Stick Yourself in the (Holographic) Beatles at London Music Museum's 3D Exhibit

A new music-themed museum in London will bring the Tupac-reviving holographic technology to the masses, letting music fans play alongside 3D recreations of bands and singers -- then go home with a DVD of it all to baffle friends and relatives with. Read More >>

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A Swarm of Drones 3D-Mapped the Matterhorn in Stunning Detail

Future versions of Grand Theft Auto—at least those set in Switzerland—could include a detailed and incredibly accurate 3D model of the Matterhorn for thrill-seeking gamers to explore, thanks to a swarm of drones that recently scanned, mapped, and photographed the iconic peak. Read More >>

Why Do We Live in Three Dimensions?

How come we live in 3 dimensions? Not 2, not 4, not 7.3, but 3? Is there something special about that number of dimensions? This video tries to explain. Read More >>

Holy Crap -- I Can Draw Freehand in 3D?

3Doodler caused quite a stir at the IFA trade show in Berlin last weekend, and it's easy to see why -- who doesn't want to draw in 3D? Read More >>

This Impossible Software Can Make 3D Models From a Single Photograph

It was predicted that computer graphics would one day give everyone the ability to create their own blockbuster film. But the software used for modern visual effects is still pretty complicated for the average user. At least until this magical software that can almost instantly turn a still photo into a 3D model is available. Read More >>

Skype Has 3D Video Calls Working "In the Lab" But is Unsure About a Public Launch

While Nintendo and the BBC are ditching 3D for the forseeable future, Microsoft's Skype messaging tool is looking to embrace the tech at some point with bosses claiming it's been experimenting with 3D capture and messaging in order to create a convincing "body double" effect. Read More >>

A Clock That Conceals The Time Until You Find Its Sweet Spot

Inspired by the seemingly random clouds of data points recorded when a performer's wearing a 3D motion capture suit, J.P.Meulendijks' Mocap clock requires just the perfect angle to interpret the time. Read More >>

Flying a Drone With the Oculus Rift Looks Absolutely Immense

The Oculus Rift has spawned all sorts of truly amazing and innovative uses, most of them gaming or, well, porn, I'll admit. But controlling drones with the 3D headset has to be the future of warfare, right? Read More >>

The BBC Might Be Done With 3D But Virgin's Not Giving Up That Easily

While the BBC might be abandoning 3D broadcasts and productions for the foreseeable future, Virgin Media isn't yet ready to wave the surrender flag out of the screen. It's increasing the amount of 3D material available on its servers. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Porn Is Frankly Terrifying

And you thought the people in real porn had dead eyes. The above image comes from a DIY porn game/experience built specifically for 3D headset Oculus Rift, giving players the ideal hands-free sex-viewing experience. Unfortunately, it's like watching dead people doing it, a fetish that only applies to a very small number of people. Read More >>

Researchers Develop Ghost-Free 3D For Viewers Not Wearing Glasses

You know that sad feeling you get when a headache's coming on while watching a 3D movie and you remember that you can't actually take the glasses off for a few seconds of relief because the ghosted 2D image is even harder to watch? That could be a thing of the past as researchers from the University of California Santa Cruz have developed a new kind of 3D display that doesn't appear ghosted when you're not wearing those special glasses. Read More >>

Wow These Unbelievable 3D Drawings Are Actually Drawn in 2D

y eyes are telling me that this is 3D art. My brain is telling me that these are 3D drawings. My entire being believes that this is crafted in 3D. But nope. These drawings are actually 2D with clever shading and angles to make us believe they're in 3D. I still can't believe it. Read More >>

O2 Guru TV Discovers That 3D Isn't Just Comedy Glasses

Even with the BBC ditching 3D broadcasts, is it too soon to sound the death knell of 3D? Undoubtedly, as O2 Guru TV shows us in the latest of a new video series here on Giz. Read More >>

Did You Watch Murray Beat Djokovic In 3D?

Given that the BBC's about to can 3D for good at least three years, the Wimbledon Men's final was probably the last live 3D broadcast you'll ever see out of the Beeb. So, did you watch it in all its stereoscopic glory? Read More >>


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