See You In 20 Years' Time, 3D

It’s not too often that I make a tech prediction that actually comes true, although like many people, I prefer to think I’m better at it than I really am. Still, when one does come out as I foretold I am not immune to rubbing my hands with glee and smiling with a cheeky grin, which is exactly what happened with the recent demise of 3D television. Read More >>

Would You Buy a 3DTV if You Didn't Need Glasses?

3DTV hasn't taken off the way the TV and Movie industries hoped it would, but institutes like the MIT Media Lab are getting closer to developing displays that have the 3D effect and don't require glasses, which is one of the big grievances of naysayer. But would you join the ranks of the 3DTV faithful if you didn't need specs, or do you think the technology in general is frivolous? [via The Creators Project] Read More >>

The No-Name 3DTV That Blew My Eyes Right Out Of Their Sockets

Let me preface this by saying: I’m a jaded tech writer. Sadly there aren’t many things that genuinely impress me these days, and that definitely includes current 3D technology. I'm telling you all of this so you'll know how deadly serious I am when I say the following line: this no-name 3D technology has blown me away. It's the 3D that the big players should have given us years ago. No glasses; no flicker; no blurriness; no fixed focal planes forcing your eyes to focus here or there (that’s what causes headaches); just a convincing illusion of 3D without the hassle. Read More >>

Cheap Storage Options Is Your Russian Spy Secret-Hiding Deal of the Day

Stop the clocks! Call off the dogs! Close all the windows and hide under a table! No, it’s not a nuclear attack from the Russians, but something altogether more sinister. The price of portable memory is becoming so low as to almost be ridiculous. Read More >>

Toshiba's Glasses-Less ZL2 3DTV On Sale Next Monday For £6,999

Toshiba's 55-inch glasses-free ZL2 3DTV is going to be popping up in John Lewis' Oxford Street store from next Monday, the company just confirmed. At several grand (just under £7,000) you're going to have to be pretty serious about your 3DTV -- glasses-less 3DTV at that -- to whack that kind of cash down, but there you go. Glasses-less 3DTV! Whoo? Read More >>

Eyes On Sony's Latest Glasses-Free 3D TV: They're Getting There!

Glasses free 3D TV sounds crazy because, well, that would look a whole lot like real life. This newest Sony incarnation feels closer than ever — almost like Sony might actually one day Lasek our experience of the 3D TV. Read More >>

Samsung's Big Beautiful OLED TV of the Future Is Here

Looks like 2012 will be the closest thing we've had to the year of the OLED—real products with serious screen size. Like Samsung's "Super OLED," offering 55 inches of mega-rich colour and brightness. Bonus: Kinect-esque body tracking, too. Read More >>

LG Throws Two Double-Brained Google TVs Into the World

At least one more company thinks you're going to like Google TV: LG's LMG860 and LMG620 not only pack the company's own "smart TV" software, but the more polished Android-y dashboard as well. That's two ways to channel surf smart. Read More >>

LG's New TV Fleet Trying Hard to Make 3D Not Suck (Eyes On)

There's a raft of new 3DTVs out from LG, and they've all got one thing in common: the acknowledgement that the third dimension has been pretty lame so far. Not lame? Depth control, passive glasses, and dual-view multiplayer gaming potential. Read More >>

Meet LG's Ultra Definition (Yep!) 84-Inch Monster TV

HDTV is cool, I guess, but it's going to be hard to go back after looking at LG's ultra-def 4k display, which packs four times the pixels as a 1080p set. It's mind-bogglingly crisp and enormously... enormous. Second mortgage time! Read More >>

Toshiba's Dishing Out a 55-inch with 4x the HD (And Zero Glasses!)

If you have over £7,000 and a hunger for ludicrously high definition TVs, Toshiba's impending 55-inch predator is gunning for your wallet and cranium. 4k resolution is more spec candy than anything, but glasses-free 3D? Yes please. Read More >>

lightning review
Sony PlayStation 3D Display Lightning Review: The Perfect Small TV for the Rich Gamers

Online console gaming is the status quo, but nothing will ever usurp the joys of throwing your controller in disgust, cursing, and punching your friends in the arm during couch multiplayer. Sony has a magical, magical reinvention of offline competition. Read More >>

Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset Review: An Amazing Toy

I'm already living the Philip K. Dick life. I've got the communicator, the tablet computer, the everywhere-Internet. All I need now is a deadly government conspiracy and an immersive 3D environment that lets me jack in and walk around. Read More >>


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