Tech Life in a Rural Place That Isn't London

It's a bit "London!" around here sometimes, isn't it? London's getting a new train. People ride bikes in London now, don't you know? London's getting a special type of coffee only for London people. London's got a new skyscraper shaped like a spatula. And so on. Read More >>

EE and Vodafone Bringing 4G to the Channel Tunnel

That pipe they installed between here and France to allow businessmen to get to Brussels by train is about to be fully upgraded with 3G and 4G connections, with both Vodafone and EE claiming the depressing 35-minute offline plunge beneath the sea will feature full mobile access later this year. Read More >>

Eton Bans Snapchat in Effort to Calm Posho Sexting Craze

Eton College has banned its masses of future Tory posh boys from using mobile messaging app Snapchat, over concerns that, well, everyone's just using it for pinging images of their little Boris Johnsons to each other. Read More >>

Tube of the Future Could Have 3G and 4G...But Not Without A Tonne of Cash

We've already got Wi-Fi on the London Underground, but what about tapping into our 3G or 4G data connections when hurtling down the Tube tunnels? Well, it's tested, it works, and it's totally feasible. But not without a crap load of private investment, says TfL. Read More >>

This SD Card Is Hiding a Mifi Inside

The last thing you want to do after buying yourself a sleek, ultra-slim laptop is muck up its lovely form factor with an ungainly mobile WiFi hotspot hanging off a USB port. So taking inspiration from the Eye-Fi, Huawei has cooked up its own SD card that's gutted to make room for a nano SIM slot and a HSPA+ 3G radio to give your laptop mobile internet wherever you roam. Read More >>

A MiFi Is Your 3G-Hotspot-Anywhere-On-the-Cheap Is Your Deal of the Day

The dongle is dead -- for we now are truly living in the age of the super dongle! Or, as it's more commonly known -- mobile Wi-Fi or MiFi. Read More >>

More Gs Coming as Ofcom Opens 2G and 3G Spectrum to 4G Networks

Telecom regulator Ofcom has rejigged the rules regarding 4G mobile networks in the UK, opening up more of the existing 2G and 3G spectrum for use with fancy new 4G services. Read More >>

Ofcom's Going to Tell Us Who the Fastest Networks Are, Once and For All

The networks spit out various speeds they reckon we should be getting. Maximum speeds we never come close to, as well as "average" speeds that always seem a tad optimistic. It seems Ofcom's become a bit sick of it, just like us. It's going to conduct its own tests, to officially tell one and all how fast each mobile network really is. Read More >>

Three's 3G Data Network Is Having Serious Issues Today (Updated)

It looks like Three's data network is down or being intermittent for a load of people right now. We can personally verify that data has been buggered overnight and all morning on Three, but calls and texts are still getting through. Read More >>

Do You Chew Through More Than 1.4GB of Mobile Data a Month?

EE's Olaf Swantee reckons the average 'heavy user' chews through only 1GB of data on T-Mobile's unlimited 3G plan, and just 1.4GB on EE's 4G network a month. That seems a tad on the light side to me, but how much mobile data do you eat up a month and on which network? Read More >>

Ofcom's Looking at Letting All the Networks Broadcast 4G on Existing 2 and 3G Spectrum

Following EE's 1800MHz 2G to 4G licence swap, Ofcom's been reviewing current mobile network licensing. It seems the UK mobile regulator has come to the conclusion there's no reason other network providers can't do the same. Could we suddenly see a load more 4G networks before the official 4G auction finishes? Read More >>

Phones 4U Launching its Own Network Using EE's Equipment

From March there'll be another choice when it comes to buying your mobiles and SIMs, with retailer Phones 4U set to launch its own virtual network using EE's infrastructure. It'll launch with 3G phones and plans from this March, with 4G abilities set to arrive some time later this year. It'll be called LIFE Mobile and will offer data bundles as standard. Prices to come nearer launch. [EE] Read More >>

Is Your 3G Crap Now EE's Launched 4G?

Reports are coming in that people on Orange and T-mobile have been suffering from really crappy 3G service ever since EE launched its 4G network. Apparently, actually getting data down the pipe has gotten increasingly, infuriatingly difficult. Has EE somehow forsaken its old 3G service for the shiny new 4G? Read More >>

Google Nexus 7 3G Finally Back In Stock For Your Panicked Christmas Buying

Those looking to pick up one of Google's awesome new 3G variants of the Nexus 7, possibly the perfect gift to yourself for Christmas, will be glad to know it's finally back in stock. £239 buys you a 32GB HSPA-packing Nexus 7 with a 3-5 day delivery time. Just don't leave it too late -- Santa can't work miracles when the post's borked. [Google Play via Android Central] Read More >>

Vodafone and O2's Buddy-Buddy 4G Sharing Alliance Is Go

While Orange and T-Mobile did the dirty and got hitched, Vodafone and O2 are looking lovingly into either other's mast-shaped arms. OK, it's nothing as extreme as EE's love-in, but the OFT's approval should see both O2 and Vodafone get a signal boost, for both 3G and any new 4G networks. Read More >>


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