The UK 4G Auction Is Now Officially Underway With Seven Bidders Going for It

Hooray, the official UK 4G auction bidding war is finally underway. Bidders are now free to throw their cash at Ofcom, using what basically sounds like Ofcom's own version of a top-secret eBay. Read More >>

It's Not Just the Usual Networks Anymore -- There Are 7 Different Bidders in the UK's 4G Spectrum Auction

Ofcom's released the names of the companies who are all-in, bidding for the UK 4G spectrum allocation, and there's not four, but seven of them. The usual suspects are all there, of course -- Vodafone, Three, O2 and EE -- but then we've got some surprise contenders. BT for one, another Hong Kong-based phone network, and some chaps from Buckinghamshire. This just got interesting. Read More >>

Peace Breaks Out in 4G War as Spring 2013 Launch Now Certain

The big buffet lunch enjoyed by the mobile network operators, the government and regulator Ofcom yesterday has yielded some important results, with the main mobile networks agreeing a formal timetable for a full launch of 4G in the UK. Read More >>

2012 4G Launch in Peril as O2 Threatens Legal Action to Derail Everything Everywhere's Plans

The controversial decision to let Everything Everywhere launch a 4G network in the UK before its mobile rivals might still be undone, with O2 said to be planning legal action over Ofcom's ruling. Read More >>

Yet More Waiting, Ofcom Confirms Delayed 4G Auction for 2013

Bad news yet again for those of us craving the sweet, blazing speeds of 4G in the UK. Ofcom's finally confirmed its plans for the delayed 4G roll out and as anticipated, you're going to have to wait a good while yet for your taste of LTE. The auction will go ahead as planned from back in January, but not until 2013. Read More >>


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