Nokia Lumia 929 Photographed (From the Back)

This bit of angular phone arse might just belong to the Nokia Lumia 929, the alleged 5-inch Lumia we've been waiting to see for quite some time. Read More >>

EE Offers Petabyte Mobile Data Allowances for Power Business Users, at Around £8m

If you really want an unlimited SIM deal, have a word with EE's business department. It's offering massive mobile data bundles for large businesses, topping out at a staggering combined 1PB allowance. That would keep everyone in the workplace happily streaming iPlayer all day. Which is probably not the point, but still. Read More >>

EE 4G Superfast Network Beaming Across 14 More Towns

Another day, another bunch of towns that EE's superfast 4G network now works in. With Benfleet, Caerphilly, Caldicot, Canvey Island, Carlisle, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Grays, Harlow, Hatfield, Kenilworth, Rayleigh, Southport and Worksop now covered, EE 4G is now in 131 UK towns and cities. That's a fair few more people for the network to tempt with its latest PAYG 4G plans. [EE] Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 929 Handled by American Football Fan

This noisy video clip shows a phone allegedly known as the Nokia Lumia 929, one forthcoming Nokia model we didn't see at last week's big event. It's smaller, chunkier, blacker and has a 1080 x 1920 resolution display. Read More >>

EE's Now Got the UK's Most Affordable 4G

At a press briefing this morning, EE claimed that "4G like no other technology has moved from niche to mainstream," which is why the network has taken its best stab at lowering its rates, and ensuring even more people can access the super-fast data speeds, with new PAYG options, and a promise that rural dwellers will be able to access 4G before too long. Read More >>

Tube of the Future Could Have 3G and 4G...But Not Without A Tonne of Cash

We've already got Wi-Fi on the London Underground, but what about tapping into our 3G or 4G data connections when hurtling down the Tube tunnels? Well, it's tested, it works, and it's totally feasible. But not without a crap load of private investment, says TfL. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Furious Over Huge Spectrum Price Hikes

Four of our mobile networks are in a sulk with communications regulator Ofcom, after it announced plans to raise the licensing fees paid to use existing mobile networks. It may mean more expensive calls for the likes of us. Read More >>

Vodafone 4G Coverage Speeds Out Over Greater London Area

Zone 6-ers and beyond with a penchant  predominately red-branded mobile phone networks, rejoice! Vodafone has just announced the expansion of its ultrafast 4G service across the Greater London area. Read More >>

Anything EE 4G Can Do, Vodafone and O2 Can Attempt to Match With Coverage Expansion

EE announces 12 new 4G connected UK towns, but O2 and Vodafone can only manage the same five each. With all three networks battling it out for 4G supremacy, EE's year-long head-start over the competition is really beginning to show in terms of established infrastructure. Read More >>

EE 4G Hits 12 More UK Towns

It's hit the major cities, and now EE's superfast 4G network roll-out continues its march into the UK's smaller towns and regions. 12 more UK locations have been added to the service today, including Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Beaconsfield, Blackburn, Burton upon Trent, Coalville, Chester-le-Street, Fleet, Gerrards Cross, Halifax, Hinckley, Houghton-le-Spring and Reigate. Read More >>

London's 4G Data Speeds Max Out at a Whopping 79.1Mb via EE

Stats covering the newly deployed 4G networks in London have given us a look at the highs and average speeds customers with posh new phones and contracts are experiencing, with EE winning the war with an astonishing peak download speed of 79.1Mb/sec. On a bloody telephone. Read More >>

4G Nexus 7 Now Available For Your SIM-Swapping Superfast Tablet Dreams

The UK wing of Google's Play shop has started selling the LTE version of the Nexus 7, with the machine now yours for £299. The free shipping offer is still in place, so that's the price you pay for the 4G dream machine. Read More >>

New iPhones Won't Work on O2's 4G Network at Launch

The reason O2 wasn't listed as a 4G network partner at this week's big Apple event may be due to the network having failed Apple's stringent mobile tests, meaning there's going to be a delay between the launch of the two new phones on 4G contracts and them... actually working on 4G. Read More >>

Three's 4G Network Arriving in Four Cities This December

UK network Three has given out a few more details about its forthcoming 4G network launch, revealing that it'll be wiring up four cities -- London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading -- in time for the December launch of its LTE service. Read More >>

The New iPhones Will Work on All UK Networks After All

Despite an erroneous help sheet on Apple's website right now, which claims that only EE and Vodafone's 4G would be compatible with the new iPhones, all four major UK networks have confirmed to us that they'll be carrying the new iPhones, and yes, 4G will work. Read More >>

Vodafone 4G Hitting Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield on September 28th

Once again we are reminded of the KLF/Jams classic, only this time it's a Vodafone spokesman reading out a list of cities in the rain with a megaphone. The man is telling us that the five cities mentioned above will be connected to the Vodafone 4G network in time for a switch-on on September 28th. Read More >>


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