How Much Better is House of Cards in 4K?

Netflix announced at CES that it would begin shooting original series in ultra high-def 4K, and now British site HDTVtest has caught the first glimpse of the streaming giant's 4K content in the wild. How much more evil does Kevin Spacey look? Read More >>

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Watch LG Use 4K TVs to Trick People Into Thinking a Meteor Hit Earth

LG, maker of fine displays and wonderful prankster of innocent people, has cooked up another beautiful visual trick: installing LG 4K TVs as fake window units and tricking people into believing a meteor has crashed onto Earth. Because the screen is so clear! Read More >>

Sony's New "Affordable" 4K TVs Are Great — Just Like Every Other 4K TV on the Planet

Sony has two new Ultra HD TVs with the same technology of its monster 84-inch 4K LED model. At 65 and 55 inches, Sony CEO's Kaz Hirai said these are going to be their "affordable" 4K TVs. How much affordable is affordable we don't know yet. No price has been announced. The only thing I know is that they look and sound amazing. Read More >>


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