The Next Generation of SD Cards Will Guarantee 4K Video Shooting

A couple of smartphones aside, 4K video has until recently been the preserve of pro-level equipment, and the memory cards found in most devices just can't keep up. But the next generation of SD cards will change that. Read More >>

Panasonic's Ridiculous 20-Inch 4K Tablet Will Go on Sale for £3,750

Panasonic showed off a crazy concept device at CES earlier this year: a 20-inch, 4K tablet. But now, that device is going on sale—for a price.
When we first saw the gigantic slate we weren't entirely convinced. At the time, we said: Read More >>

Samsung Wants to Melt Your Eyes With 4K Phones in 2015

It looks like 2015's going to be a big year for Samsung's mobile teams. As well as predicting the coming of the fabled folding smartphone, the company is also hoping to release a 4K smartphone too. Read More >>

Netflix Is Doing Streaming Tests With 4K Video

Everything from ads to porn is getting the 4K treatment lately, and now Netflix is experimenting with it too. This week the company posted six 4K videos at various frames per second rates to test their streaming performance. They're all standard Netflix stock footage called "El Fuente." Read More >>

Sony Made a Volcano Spew Eight Million Flowers For This Stunning 4K Ad

If there's one thing Sony knows how to do, it's sell its technology with cool imagery. In past commercials the company has blasted buildings with paint, sent millions of rubber balls bouncing down a street, and even unleashed a small army of Play-Doh bunnies. But this time around, Sony's dumping eight million flowers into a volcano and onto a small town to sell its 4K TVs here in the UK. Read More >>

Retina iPad Mini? Pah! What About a 12-inch 4K Tablet?

Retina display iPad Minis? Meh, I'm over 'em. Let's think bigger. Let's think more pixels. Let's look at the possibility of a totally excessive 12-inch, 4K tablet from Japan Display. Read More >>

4k Porn Is Here and Shows You Every. Single. Detail. (NSFW)

Scream overkill all you want. The fact of the matter is that, whether you like it or not, hyper realistic, ultra definition, get-as-close-to-being-in-the-action-as-you-possibly-can 4K TV is here to stay. So it's no wonder that, just like everything else in life, it's already being used for porn. Read More >>

Leak: Next-Gen 4K Blu-Ray Discs Pack 100GB of Data

While the Blu-ray Disc Association may not have made any official noises about the existence of 4K Blu-ray discs, a leak from a disc manufacturer reveals that they're on the way—and they pack 100GB of delicious data. Read More >>

LG G2 Supports 4K Gaming *and* Wireless Streaming of the Footage

The new, Snapdragon 800-powered LG G2 has one surprise feature hidden away inside its cutting-edge core; the ability to render games at 4K resolution and wirelessly stream the footage of you shooting/driving things to a 4K-ready TV. How ridiculously powerful. Read More >>

Samsung's Pushing OLED to UHD Extremes For the First Time Ever

Forget ordinary everyday LCD UHD TVs -- what you want is an eye-poppingly gorgeous OLED UHD TV, and Samsung's just managed to make the first one in the world. It'll probably be the most gorgeous-looking TV you'll ever see. Read More >>

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Watch LG Use 4K TVs to Trick People Into Thinking a Meteor Hit Earth

LG, maker of fine displays and wonderful prankster of innocent people, has cooked up another beautiful visual trick: installing LG 4K TVs as fake window units and tricking people into believing a meteor has crashed onto Earth. Because the screen is so clear! Read More >>

Sony AX1: A 4K Camcorder That Doesn't Cost Ten Grand

As TV manufacturers and broadcasters gear up to deliver 4K video to people's living rooms, there still aren't many options for regular folk who want to shoot super high resolution footage of their own. Sony wants to lead that charge with a new camcorder that will make 4K simple, manageable, and most of all (relatively) affordable. With, of course, some compromises. Read More >>

This Is the First Phone With a 4K Video Camera

This is Acer's new giganta-smartphone, the Liquid S2, and it's sitting on a fairly impressive secret: it's the world's first phone to pack a 4K-capable video camera. Read More >>

These Frames Shot With the New 6K RED Dragon Camera Are Stunning

RED, maker of high end modular cinema cameras, is working on getting its new 6K Dragon sensor into the hands of filmmakers. The sensor produces insane levels of detail and dynamic range, evident in this beautiful frame of video.
The still comes from filmmaker Tom Lowe (Timescapes), who has been travelling around Sri Lanka with the RED Dragon, filming amazing things like this parade of elephants for the upcoming IMAX film, A Thousand and One Nights. Here is what he has to say about the 6K sensor: Read More >>

Your Phone Will Soon Spew 4K Video From Its USB Port

The Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) standard, beloved of Roku and Android phone manufacturers, is about to get exciting: an update coming in September will allow phones to spit out 4K video from their USB ports. Read More >>

LG Bringing its 4K TV Power to the UK

LG's sent us a press release packed with capital letters, informing us that its ULTRA HD NANO FULL LED Tru-ULTRA HD IPS TV sets will be hitting the UK. That's 4K resolution packed into in 55-inch and 65-inch models, in normal, lower-case speak. Read More >>


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