Samsung's New 1Gbps 5G Speeds Make 4G Look Like Dial-Up

Samsung says it has completed and tested one possible format that could be used as a basis for 5G wireless data technology, claiming to have magically pulled connection speeds of up to 1Gbps through its new super-super-fast mobile data connection. Read More >>

10 New HD Freeview Channels Coming to Sweeten 5G Terrestrial Retune

Plans to clear up the UK's airwaves once again to allow future 5G services are already underway, with Ofcom and the broadcasters hoping to tempt us to upgrade our kit well in advance by offering a range of new HD channels. Read More >>

Screw 4G, the UK's Already Working on 5G

While the UK is shamefully lagging many parts of the world in introducing a 4G service, we might just become the world leaders when it comes to future 5G networks, thanks to a £35m investment in developing the fifth-generation of mobile signals. Read More >>


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