WSJ: Microsoft Is Working on a 7-Inch Surface

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is currently developing a new line of Surface tablets, including a 7-inch version, which should go into mass production later this year. Read More >>

Do These New iPad Mini Leaks Suggest Apple's Ditching the Camera?

The rumours about the iPad Mini are burning almost as strong as those for the iPhone 5 right now, with even Apple getting in on the act. Now we've got some admittedly sketchy-looking photos of a supposedly leaked 7-inch iPad back shell, and if we decide to throw all caution to the wind and trust this leak, we could be led to thinking Apple's not including a camera on this model. Read More >>

HTC's Flying a Nexus 7 Android Tablet Competitor to Our Shores

Looks like the 7-inch tablet wars are truly upon us. Google's in there already, Apple's rumoured to be joining the party, and one of the original 7-inch crew, HTC, is firing another tablet into the mix. The HTC Flyer's getting a successor and it's heading to the UK. Read More >>

Is This What Apple's Rumoured Mini iPad Will Look Like?

Apparently this is what the iPad Mini will look like, well, at least the size and shape of it anyway -- something tells me orange won't be Apple's colour of choice. What we're looking at here is supposedly a leaked engineering sample of the rumoured 7-incher and it's pretty damn thin. Read More >>

Apple's 7-Inch iPad Is Officially the Rumour That Just Won't Die (and It'll Be Here In October)

A bit like Google Drive, which was rumoured for ages, year after year, then finally emerged last month, Apple's supposed iPad mini has plagued our gossip channels for years. Now, according to iMore, Apple's going to fire a roughly 7-inch iPad across our bows this October for around £200, plus a new iPhone to boot too. Read More >>

Toshiba Thrive 7-Inch Tablet Hands-On: Like the Original Thrive Went on a Diet

We wanted to love the original Thrive tablet with its many full-sized ports, but oh man was it chunky. The Thrive 7-Inch is almost exactly the same, but everything is smaller. It's still chunky, but it's not too much anymore. Read More >>


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