Rumour: Microsoft Email Denies "Always-On" Next Xbox Requirement

An always-on requirement for the next Xbox is now slightly-off the table, if rumours of the content of a Microsoft internal email are true. MS bosses are said to have told staff that the new machine should "just work" for the most part without any internet connection, putting some of our worst fears to bed. Read More >>

"Always-On" Angry Xbox Man Resigns From Microsoft

Adam Orth, the Microsoft man who accidentally sort of confirmed that the next Xbox will have an "always-on" internet requirement when he went mad about it on the internet, has now left the gaming company. Read More >>

Rumour: AMD Core Stops Next Xbox Playing Your Beloved Games Collection

There have been plenty of previous rumours regarding the next-gen Xbox and a supposed switch to AMD processors to provide the power, with the latest solid claims seemingly confirming a move away from Power PC architecture and no easy path to emulating existing titles. Read More >>

Microsoft Apologises for Employee's "Always-On" Next Xbox Twitter Rampage

Microsoft has issued an apology for an employee's outburst regarding the next Xbox's supposed always-on internet connectivity requirements, in which he suggested users just "deal with it" and expressed his smug happiness that he lived somewhere with a decent internet connection. Read More >>

Rumour: Xbox 720 "Aligned" With PS4, Controller Almost Entirely Unchanged

Developers close to Microsoft have claimed the next-gen console's hardware is currently being tweaked, as hardware boffins work to "align" the new home machine with the power offered by Sony's recently revealed PlayStation4. Read More >>

Microsoft's New Xbox May be Accompanied by "X-Surface" Gaming Tablet (Updated)

Two rather large new rumours have popped out concerning Microsoft's next-gen home console. The first concerns the machine's name, which is apparently going to be just "Xbox" -- akin to Apple's "new iPad" naming move. The other rumour is significantly more bonkers, suggesting a standalone gaming tablet known as X-Surface will accompany the home console. Read More >>

PlayStation 4 Tipped for May Reveal, Perhaps Even Alongside Xbox 720 in March

Conflicting rumours have emerged about the announcement of Microsoft and Sony's next big home consoles, with a Sony Japan boss pointing to a May reveal -- and other sources claiming it could be on show as soon as March. Read More >>

The Next Microsoft Console Might be an Xbox TV

Microsoft is said to be preparing two versions of its next home console, one high-power gaming model, plus a lower-spec unit more geared toward casual play and use as a home media hub and streaming solution. Read More >>

Mod 720p Shooting Onto Your Nexus 7, Because Tablet Cameras Are Cool

Don't listen to the haters. Your tablet's great for taking photos, even moreso when software hacks can boost its resolution from 480p to 720p, as has happened with the Google and Asus Nexus 7. Read More >>

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Watch Top Gear Attempt an Insane Double Loop-the-Loop In a Car

Top Gear's already proved that it's perfectly possible to do a full 360-loop in a car just like that crazy Hot Wheels toy, but what about a double loop or "deadly 720"? Read More >>

Next Xbox a 16-Core Monster?

New rumours regarding Microsoft's plans for the next evolution of its Xbox have emerged, with early development hardware said to be built around a cutting-edge 16-core processor. Read More >>

The Xbox 720 Will Have Blu-Ray, Two GPUs and a Load of Horrendous DRM

We’ve had lots of pretty awesome rumours and speculation around the next generation consoles, but not all the rumours surrounding Microsoft’s next Xbox sound all that great. The latest from VG247 says that it’ll "require an always-on internet connection as an anti-piracy measure,” sounds a lot like a load of pain-in-the-arse, overbearing DRM to me. Read More >>

"No Disc Drive" In Next Xbox, Says Source

New rumours regarding Microsoft's future Xbox plans have emerged today, with sources claiming Microsoft is telling developers that its future new console won't be shipping with any form of optical drive. Read More >>

LG's New X3 Phone May Be Powerful Enough to Tear Your Face Off

We generally pass on random phone rumors, but PocketNow seems to have scooped something that sounds awfully tasty. The LG X3 (codename) will supposedly have a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, a 4.7-inch 720p screen, an 8MP camera, and NFC. Um, yum? Read More >>

Kodak's New Outdoor Camera Can Hold Its Breath for Two Hours

Sure, Kodak is quickly becoming a penny stock. But that doesn't mean it can't still produce a solid and rugged outdoor camcorder like the Playfull Waterproof. Read More >>


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