Crazy Message Left On Broken Wing By Alaska Airlines' Maintenance Crew

It may look like a joke played on passengers, but it's not: an Alaska Airlines' maintenance crew servicing a Boeing 737 cut out part of its wing and then wrote "We Know About This" next to it. Then, they sent the jetliner on a flight. Read More >>

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How to Start Up a Boeing 737 Step By Step

Planning to steal a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A320? Pranas Drulis at the Baltic Aviation Academy has got you covered: these videos show how to start up these planes from cold to ready to taxi, step by step. Read More >>

How Did Concrete Save This Boeing Plane?

There's a simple reason why this Boeing 737 wasn't destroyed this week at Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport, China, and instead destroyed this concrete runway using its landing gear: it's neither a runway nor concrete. At least, not in the traditional sense. Read More >>


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