Our 4G Bands Are Now Free of Legacy TV and Ready for Mobile Networks

Today sees the UK's radio spectrum cleaned up and completely ready for the arrival of 4G networks (ahead of schedule), thanks to the last few old Freeview masts in Scotland switching over to their new digital bands and away from 800MHz. So... where are all the new 4G networks then? Read More >>

Yes, the BlackBerry Z10 Is 4G in the UK, But There's a Problem

So, BlackBerry's finally pushed a new flagship out, and like any good flagship phone it's packing LTE. In fact, it's available on 4G right now, thanks to EE. The most interesting thing, however, is it'll also potentially support the other UK networks' 4G -- Vodafone calls it "4G-ready" -- but, there's one small issue: Only one of our UK 4G auction bands is actually supported. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Work to Plug Freeview Interference Hole Before Full 4G Launch

The UK's mobile networks have come together to help speed up the 4G launch in the UK, getting the team in place to sort out the potential nationwide nightmare of Freeview TV interference when the next-gen mobile service becomes more widespread. Read More >>


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