An 8K Endoscope Probably Shows More Than Anyone Really Wants to See

8K television broadcasts are slowly creeping towards becoming a reality, but 8K video technology is already being embraced and used in other industries. Read More >>

8K (Yes, 8K) Broadcasts Just Took a Major Step Forward

Back in May of 2012 the NHK's science & Technology Research Lab in Japan successfully broadcasted an 8K, 7680x4320 signal over a distance of 2.7 miles using UHF frequencies. As a proof of concept it showed that 8K TV could be successfully delivered to televisions over the air, but it lacked the distance of traditional TV broadcasts. Read More >>

Samsung Glorious 8K QUHD TV Will Show You the Meaning of Infinity

Samsung's showing of a prototype of a 98-inch LED 8K television at CES. I leaned in and tried to see the pixels on this fantasy screen and my brain lost in the detail. My mind tried do the math of how many pixels were assembling the heads of the tiny people in the screen. I got dizzy. This is infinity. Read More >>

The TV of the Future is Already in Japan and It Feels Like Real Life

What was immediately striking was that the image was so crisp that it was possible to distinguish the leaves on the trees in the background. Rather than making the image seem flat, the clarity gave the picture a depth hitherto unseen on digital projections. The colours were also magnificent. The whites and blacks were stunning. Read More >>

4k Porn Is Here and Shows You Every. Single. Detail. (NSFW)

Scream overkill all you want. The fact of the matter is that, whether you like it or not, hyper realistic, ultra definition, get-as-close-to-being-in-the-action-as-you-possibly-can 4K TV is here to stay. So it's no wonder that, just like everything else in life, it's already being used for porn. Read More >>

This Compact Camera Captures Glorious 8K Ultra HD Footage

The shrinkification of technology is as inevitable as death and taxes, but we still can't help but be excited to see that Japan's NHK, working with a company called Astrodesign, has managed to shrink an 8K-capable camera into this relatively compact package. Compared to the HD-capable smartphone in your pocket it's monstrous, but when put next to existing Ultra HD cinema cameras (believe it or not) this is tiny. Read More >>

JVC Finds a Clever Shortcut To an 8K Projector

Given 4K TVs and cameras are only just starting to hit the market, there's not a lot of 8K components to be had just yet. But that isn't stopping JVC from rolling out one of the first 8K projectors, that's actually built on 4K technology. Read More >>

What Is UltraHD?

Ultra HD is marketing-speak for 4K or 8K resolution TVs. And that's more or less it. You're going to be hearing the term a lot this show though — and throughout the year — so here's a little more information about what exactly that means. Read More >>

NHK's 8K TV Spawns a Pair of Virtual Hi-Def Binoculars

NHK's Super Hi-Vision 8K technology certainly makes for breathtaking demos. But you can do more than just melt eyeballs with a resolution of 7680x4320. Since that's exactly 16 times as much resolution as a 1080P signal, NHK has cooked up a pair of prototype virtual HD binoculars that let users zoom in on ultra hi-def footage. Read More >>

giz explains
How 4K TV Works

Imagine 80-inch screens with quadruple the image quality of Full HD, plus passive 3D content that you'd consider actually watchable. That's 4K TV technology. It could deliver a stunning home theater experience—just as soon as 4K-enabled TV's like Sony's latest begin to cost less than a Kia. Read More >>

Panasonic's 145-inch 8K Super Hi Vision Television Makes Your Whole House Seem Small

You call that a TV? Now THIS is a TV. One-hundred-and-forty-five inches of pure Panasonic 8K Super Hi Vision resolution power puts every single 4K TV at IFA to shame. Easily. Yes, that's you Sony. Read More >>

How You'll Watch the Olympics in 2016

The Olympics are just barely over, and you're still probably nursing your sport-scorched eyeballs. Give your mind a break after all that TV. But in just four short years, we'll be at it again. So how will we watch the Olympiad next time? Read More >>

Didn't Get Tickets? Here's How to Watch the Olympics in UltraHD, on TV and on the Go

What with tickets for the Olympics running you stupid prices, and London's transport descending into chaos, you might decide to give the live events a miss for this year's Olympics. Don't worry, though, Locog and Auntie Beeb have got your back with big screens, TV coverage, streaming sites and more apps than you can shake ten multicoloured Olympic sticks at. Read More >>

First Ultra High Def Shoulder Mount Camera Brings 8K Ridiculousness Closer to Reality

4K might be the next wave of video resolution, but Ultra High Definition is the next NEXT next wave. And we're finally seeing the technology take its first steps toward your living room. Read More >>

Japan Successfully Broadcasts an 8K Signal Over the Air: Prepare To Upgrade Your TVs Again

We assumed the gorgeous 8K ultra-HDTVs we saw at CES this year were years away. But Japan's NHK has just completed the first over-the-air broadcast of a 7680x4320 signal using UHF frequencies—just when you'd finished paying off your giant HDTV display. Read More >>

Panasonic Steals Crown for Giant 8k TV That Will Melt Your Face

We thought Sharp's eye-skewering, 85-inch 8k TV ad CES was an act of Zeus. It literally made us nauseous, it looked so good. But that's nothing, as of right now: Panasonic just dropped a 145-inch 7,680 x 4,320 mega-set. Read More >>


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