There Is an Even Smaller, More Powerful Apple TV Incoming

According to a FCC filing, Apple has a smaller Apple TV in the works. What's weird is that it's not that much smaller than the current Apple TV — the small version would be 93.78 square millimetres as opposed to the current version's 98 square mm. It's even a little more powerful too. Read More >>

The iPhone 5 Might Come Packing a Fancy New A6 Chip, Maybe

The Apple leaks continue, this time a super sketchy photo of an iPhone 5 logic board, apparently packing a brand new A6 processor. It could make sense, given the iPhone 5 doesn't need the graphics power of the A5X currently in the retina iPad, so is this the new chip to make iOS 6 absolutely blazing? Read More >>

Maybe the New iPad Is Hot Because Its Processor Is 310% Huger

Apple's unapologetically selling a new iPad that'll go up to 46 degrees in your hands while playing a game. Maybe they should have done something about that, yeah. But the tablet's new processor is so massive, we shouldn't be surprised. Read More >>


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