iPad 4 Review Roundup: The Real New iPad

So the iPad 4 is the new iPad, or rather the new new iPad because the new iPad was first the iPad 3, which has now become the old and discontinued new iPad half a year later. Yeah, it's awkward. But anyway. This new iPad is just the same as the old iPad except it's a little bit faster. Read More >>

That New Fourth-Generation iPad is Absolutely Blazingly Fast

We're still not sure why Apple ditched its yearly refresh cycle for the iPad, other than trying to homogenise the iDevice line with its new Lightning Connector, but it did. And now benchmarks have shown that the new 'new iPad' is more than twice as powerful than the iPad 3. This thing is a beast. Read More >>

Apple's New A6X Chip Is Twice As Powerful As the Old iPad Guts

Apple just announced its new, fourth generation iPad, and it's got a new chip, too. The A6X is, according to Apple, twice as fast on both general CPU tasks and graphics. We'll let you know as we know more about the chip, but chances are it's designed by Apple, just like the A6 was. Read More >>


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