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The Good Steve Jobs Movie Will Only Have Three Scenes

A news shocker for anyone excited about the other Steve Jobs movie—which should be good, because it's written by Oscar-winning dynamo Aaron Sorkin, doesn't star Ashton Kutcher, and isn't called iJobs. The movie will only have three scenes. Read More >>

steve jobs
Sony Hires Woz as Advisor for Steve Jobs Biopic

As plans take shape for Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic, Reuters reports that Woz has been drafted in to act as an advisor on Jobs and the "technical aspects of computers". Read More >>

steve jobs
Aaron Sorkin Officially Confirmed to Be Writing a Steve Jobs Biopic

There have been rumours floating around that Aaron Sorkin, of West Wing and Social Network fame, had been approached by Sony to write its Steve Jobs biopic. In a press release issued yesterday, it was officially announced that Sorkin will definitely be working on the project. Read More >>

steve jobs
Aaron "Social Network" Sorkin Might Write the Steve Jobs Biopic

Aaron Sorkin might be (totally is) the best screenwriter we have, and according to E! Online Sony Pictures has offered the Social Network Oscar-winner the job of writing the script for the Steve Jobs movie. Read More >>


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