Google Street View Car Rams 2 Buses, 1 Truck in Failed Hit-and-Run

It's not a good year to be a Google Street View driver—or rather, in this case, to be anywhere in the vicinity of one. In Bogor, Indonesia, one ill-fated Google Street View car got itself into a bit of trouble when the driver's failed attempt at a hit-and-run involved him ramming into two large public busses and a truck. Because third crash is a charm. Read More >>

That Massive Russian Rocket Explosion Was Caused by Stupid Dense Humans

Last week a Russian rocket called Proton-M exploded over a spaceport in Kazakhstan just seconds after it launched. Turns out, we can blame some dumb humans for the blast—investigators found that the rocket's angular velocity sensors had been installed upside down. Read More >>

A Russian Rocket Just Exploded Over Kazakhstan as It Launched

A Russian rocket just crashed seconds after it was launched from a spaceport in Kazakhstan. Footage from local news channels shows how the rocket wobbled through the sky as it rose into the air, before disintegrating and falling back to Earth. Read More >>

Porn Accidentally Broadcast Live On Greek Evening News (NSFW)

It seems smut gets everywhere, even on the evening news. Legions of Greeks watched in horror as a graphic sex scene played out in the background of a report by the state-owned public broadcaster on the latest unrest across the nation. The news anchor seemed none-the-wiser as to what was happening over his shoulder. Read More >>

Helicopter Hits Crane and Crashes In London's Vauxhall

It sounds like something out of a bad movie, but apparently an unidentified helicopter has just collided with a crane on top of a building in Vauxhall, Central London, bringing the chopper down, and the crane with it. Read More >>

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Woman Steals Train, Then Crashes It Into a Building

Last night in Saltsjöbanan, Sweden, a young woman decided to try her hand at driving a train. It didn't end well: she careered off the end of line and straight into this house. Read More >>

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Passenger Records Terrifying Aborted Landing of Boeing 737

A Boeing 737-200 had to abort a landing after heavily damaging its right wing. The impact was so harsh that it ripped off part of the wing and damaged a flap. Thankfully, the plane recovered at the last second, when it seemed that a fatal impact was imminent. Read More >>

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Hungary's Red Sludge Disaster Zone Still Looks Apocalyptic Two Years Later

In 2010, a lake of caustic, poison mud from an aluminium manufacturing operation spilled out and destroyed a nearby town, along with much of the native life. Humans were killed and burned, property destroyed. And it still looks like Mars. Read More >>

Teen Takes Spear to the Face and Survives

Teenagers should NOT be given guns or spears to play with, let alone spear guns. Sixteen-year-old Yasser Lopez went spear gun fishing with his buddy in a Miami lake and got speared right through the brain. Details are hazy on whether he shot himself or his mate mistook him for a giant salmon, but either way, the gun went off and turned Yasser into a human kebab. Read More >>

Newspaper Writer Accidentally Tweets a Porn Link to Thousands of Followers

Poor Vito Stellino. The Florida Times-Union sports writer made the embarrassing everyman mistake of accidentally tweeting a porn link to instead of a sports article. The randy tweet stayed up for nearly an hour and gave his thousands of followers a pleasant surprise. Read More >>

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This Must Be Two Of the Luckiest People On Earth

An anonymous reader sent me this crazy video taken two weeks ago: a truck out of control almost smashes a car on a snowy road in Russia. Fortunately, these guys got extremely lucky and Death got distracted at the very last second. Read More >>

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Watch an Exploded Fire Hydrant Hold Up a Car for an Hour

One of my yet to be fulfilled dreams is to pop open a fire hydrant and dance naked in the street while the exploded hydrant rains all over me. FUN. I'm second guessing myself now though cause exploded fire hydrants are FREAKING POWERFUL. They can even lift cars. Read More >>


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