Three Cars Wiped Out as Police Accidentally Drop "Stinger" on the Road

Drivers heading down the A30 near Launceston had a bit of a shock last week, after a stinger device -- a spiky thing designed to burst tyres in car chases -- fell out of a police car boot and was run over by members of the public. Their tyres then duly exploded. Read More >>

"Automated System" Blamed for David Cameron Following a High Class Escort Agency on Twitter

The prime minister appeared to have accidentally added a high class escort agency to his list of followed people on Twitter, although his people suggest it was some sort of accident and should not be considered an official endorsement of "Elite London Escort Agency" Carltons. Read More >>

Hands-Free Mobile Gear Should be Banned From Cars, Says Safe Driving Charity

Fiddling with a text message and trying to write grammatically correct sexy messages with an on-screen keyboard while driving is obviously a bit dangerous, but a safety charity suggests that chatting on a hands-free system is just as risky -- and ought to be banned. Read More >>

Lamborghini Chopped in Half in Bizarre Road Accident

A rich man's £250k Lamborghini Aventador is no more, after what appears to have been a relatively minor road accident led to the car slicing itself in half. Read More >>

This Is How You Don't Overtake

Here's a completely bizarre piece of action from a Formula Two race, which sees driver Ricardo Teixeira crash over the cars ahead of him and take a large whack into the walls of the track upon landing. Read More >>

Watch Engineers Right the Costa Concordia, Live

The BBC's currently carrying a live stream of the efforts to salvage stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia from its sideways watery slumber, as engineers slowly pull the boat off the rocks where it's been rusting away since early last year. Read More >>

Tube Passengers Terrified by Smoke Try to Break Their Way Out of Stricken Train

A horrifying video shows the moment London Underground passengers tried to force the doors open on a tube train, as the smell of smoke filled the carriages and a wave of panicked claustrophobia hit the people packed inside. Read More >>

Inflatable Mattress Explosion Trashes Man's House

A German man treated himself to an inflatable mattress upon moving into a new house, only to discover his advanced new sleeping solution had a puncture. He then bought one of those spay aerosol things that supposedly fix leaks, but the spray somehow triggered a blast that caused around £130,000 worth of damage to his home. Read More >>

This Is What Happens When a Phone Explodes on Your Leg (Warning: Graphic)

You have the Internet in your pocket. The ability to communicate with anyone in the world at your fingertips. A big and beautiful glass screen that's asking to be touched. Too bad all those things can combine into one giant battery-fuelled bomb in your trousers. We've all heard about phones exploding and seen the damage it causes, here's what it looks like up close. It's terrifying. Read More >>

New Cars Will Have Emergency GPS and Help-Calling Systems From 2015

The European Commission has signed off legislation covering its proposed eCall device, which will require car makers to stick a GPS device and automatic calling system inside every car. The idea being it instantly phones for help if you have an accident and might, therefore, save lives. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When You Launch a Massive Ship Sideways (and Don't Get Out of the Way)

This looks like it seriously hurts, but apparently no one was killed by the flying pieces of wood. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ship launch went as planned, apart from the fact that no one thought to cater for the wooden launch braces underneath the ship. Flying timbers in your face was the result. Read More >>

This Is Why You Shouldn't Tweet About Hitting People With Your Car #Bloodycardrivers

A mouthy lady driver has been shamed into deleting her entire Twitter account, after police began investigating her proud claim to have knocked a cyclist off his bike in Norwich. Read More >>

Scottish Man Blows Own Brain Out in Alleged Russian Roulette Accident

Alan McWilliams, a 41-year-old dad of three, is believed to have died after a game of Russian roulette served him up with the bad, unlucky ending. Read More >>

A Florida Woman Was Shot by an Oven

Among items on the short list of "things that shouldn't be stored in an oven," live ammunition ranks near the top—just below live babies and petrol. That's because, as Myth Busters has taught us and one Florida woman learned this week, live ammo and high temperatures make for an explosive combination. Read More >>

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Top Gear Korea Takes Things Way Too Far and Actually Crashes a Helicopter During a Race

The chaps on the original Top Gear sure have done some barmy stuff. From making insane cars, to totally unwarranted (but awesome nonetheless) races, but not even their antics top this. Top Gear Korea was racing a Cobra helicopter with a Corvette when things went seriously, seriously wrong, as this recently-unearthed footage shows. Read More >>

The 10 Weirdest Deaths by Technology

Technology is supposed to make our lives better: our meat easier to chew, our water easier to carry, our ox carts easier to move. But all too often we weak, squishy, meat sacks of the human variety find ourselves on the wrong side of innovation. Read More >>


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