Acer's Budget Liquid E3 Smartphone Will Go Up Against the Moto G

Thanks to the impressive turn out by Motorola's affordable Moto G smartphone, budget-orientated handsets will have to step up their game in order to impress. Acer's thrown its hat into the ring with the €199 (£163) Liquid E3. Read More >>

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The Best Haswell-Updated Computers

There's a decent chance that a fair few of you will be stumping up for a new laptop in the next month or two, as uni students head back to halls to discover the wonders of the internet, school kids indulge in Facebook, and regular people, y'know, buy laptops. But before you do, take a moment to work out which machines have been updated with the new generation of Intel goodness. Read More >>

This Is the First Phone With a 4K Video Camera

This is Acer's new giganta-smartphone, the Liquid S2, and it's sitting on a fairly impressive secret: it's the world's first phone to pack a 4K-capable video camera. Read More >>

Acer Aspire S7 Review: The PC Revival Is Late, But It's Here

Laptops are at a point right now where they should all be more or less excellent. Ultrabooks are into their third year of relevance, and the screens and processors that are widely available are good enough that you can piecemeal together a perfectly acceptable laptop from chaff, more or less. So making a great one is about decisions. The Acer Aspire S7 made a bunch of good ones, against just a few dumb ones. And the result puts it in the vanguard of what's shaping up to be a belated PC renaissance. Read More >>

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Acer Iconia W3 Review: The First Small Windows Tablet is Totally Useless

Small tablets -- 7 and 8 inchers -- have taken the Android and iPad markets by storm in the last year, but until now, there haven't been any machines sporting Microsoft's touchy-feely OS. Acer's the first on the scene, with the 8-inch Iconia W3; it's just a shame that it's a steaming pile of crap. Read More >>

Acer Iconia W3 Hands-On: First Mini Windows 8 Tablet Can't Measure Up

It was one of the most anticipated devices of this year's Computex: The Acer Iconia W3, the first full Windows 8 tablet to take on the iPad Mini. We finally got some hands-on time, and the results are bittersweet. Read More >>

Acer's 8.1" W3 Windows Tablet Confirmed as a Thing You Can Have, From June

The previously leaked Acer Iconia W3 has been officially announced by the hardware maker today, which added a stamp of officialdom to internet rumour. The 8.1" tablet is 11.3mm thick, with a dual-core Intel Atom Z2760 clocked at 1.8GHz inside. Read More >>

Amazon Leaks the World's First Small-Screen Windows 8 Tablet

The Acer Iconia W3, previously rumoured to be the first small-screen Windows 8 tablet, made a brief appearance on the website of Bezos and co. With a 1280 x 800 resolution 8.1-inch screen and Intel dual-core Atom processor, PC World claims that its list price was $380 (around £250). Otherwise, details are scant. Read More >>

Acer Aspire R7 Hands On: We're Not Quite Ready for This Kind of Crazy

Can we start by saying the Acer Aspire R7 is nuts, and that's totally great? Because it is; it's great that Acer's doing this weird new thing that doesn't exactly make sense, just to see if it works. Read More >>

Acer Aspire R7: The Craziest Thing to Happen to Laptops in Years

This is either brilliant or absolutely insane. Acer's new R7 ultrabook is the weirdest change to laptop design in years. Read More >>

Rumour: Acer's 8" Iconia W3 is the First Small Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft's promise that we'll see smaller and cheaper Windows 8 machines might be about to be made true by Acer, with leaked images showing something smaller and running Windows 8. Just like it said. Read More >>

An 11-Inch Acer Laptop For Just £330 Is Your "Screw Flowers and Chocolate, Have a Computer Instead" Deal of the Day

Yesterday, we urged you to spend £120 on a new phone for youself as a lovely Valentine's Day treat. That was a mere warm-up. Today we want you to ignore the silly made-up merchandise-flogging non-event completely and get yourself a new laptop instead. Read More >>

Acer Planning Cheap Quad-Core 8" and 10" Android Tablet Attack?

Some slightly garbled, automatically translated words from Acer's Chinese president seem to confirm it's about to launch an assault on the cheap Android segment, with quad-core 8" and 10" models both on the way. Read More >>

Turns Out That £70 Acer Tablet Is Actually Going to be Pricier Than Expected

A few weeks ago, reports trickled down from the mount that Acer was prepping a $100 (UK price wasn't mentioned, but $100 is around £60 - £70) 7-inch tablet with specs that were juuuussssssst decent enough to be usable. The Iconia B1-A71 seems to fit the bill. Except, well, for the bill. Read More >>

Asus and Acer: The Netbook Is Dead

Netbooks, those tiny, underpowered computers that were once held up as the saviour of the laptop market, have long since fallen from favour. When Dell announced it was ending production, the end was nigh—and now the last remaining manufacturers, Asus and Acer, have confirmed that the netbook is officially dead. Read More >>

Looks Like Acer is Planning a £70 Tablet

A couple days ago, we heard rumours that Asus might be prepping a super-cheap Nexus tablet around the £70 price range. Today, the rumourmongers are full of talk that Acer is also planning on getting in on the cut-price tablet action, with a super-cheap 7-incher to go toe-to-toe with Amazon and Asus in the budget slate wars. Read More >>


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