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Because Nothing Says Acer Like Megan Fox Talking to Dolphins

I don’t know what this is but it should probably never have existed. Read More >>

windows 8
First Bloatware-Loaded Windows 8 PCs Go On Sale Early

If you're champing at the bit to get hold of a Windows 8 computer, you can now buy an Acer or Gateway from — just be warned that it's loaded with crapware and likely a poor idea. Read More >>

Did Google Really Stop Acer From Making a Non-Android Phone?

Acer was planning on launching a low-end phone in China running Aliyun OS, a Linux based operating system that's only relevant to us because it wasn't Android. The phone was meant to be cheap and affordable and was targeted for China. But that phone is no more. Why? Because Google killed it. What? Read More >>

Acer's Got an Awesome-Looking New 11-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook

While everyone's spewing out Windows 8 hybrids all over the place, Acer has an 11-inch ultrabook that looks pretty exciting. Read More >>

Screw Acer, Microsoft's Already Working on Surface 2

After Acer basically threw down an ultimatum over Microsoft and its Surface tablets, now we're hearing that Redmond's already hard at work on successors for its soon-to-be-released own-brand tablets. I can hear Ubuntu calling, Acer. Read More >>

Acer CEO: Microsoft Should "Think Twice" About Surface—Or Else

It's well known that hardware manufacturers are none too happy about Microsoft's foray into tablets with the Surface, and even the company itself had admitted it will screw over PC manufacturers. Acer's CEO certainly shares that opinion—and he's being fairly vocal about it. Read More >>

Acer Iconia Tablet Lightning Review: The Transformer Prime's Chubby Cousin

Acer isn't exactly the first name that pops into your head when it comes to top-tier tablets, but the company's trying to change that with the Iconia A510. But does it hit the sweet spot between performance and price? Read More >>

Acer's First Ivy Bridge Computers Are...Desktops???

Hey hey! Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors are here! As such, there are some new Ivy Bridge-equipped machines from Acer, which means they'll be within financial reach for many. But I hope you like desktop PCs, because that's all you're getting for now. Read More >>

An EasyJet Holiday For Just £100 Is Your "Let's Get the Heck Out of Here" Deal of the Day

There’s loads of reasons to want to get out of the UK at the moment. There’s the impending horror of the Olympics; the suffocating nightmare that is the Queen’s Jubilee, and the fact that the government hate us all. Read More >>

Acer: £700 Ultrabooks are Unprofitable, But We're Making One for $499 (£350) Anyway

Loss leaders—products sold without a profit to generate interest—sometimes work. Acer tried it with its recent S3 ultrabook, but it isn't content with that; it has it sights set on cutting prices even further. Read More >>

The Inescapable Olympic Branding Kicks-Off With an Acer Tablet

It’s started; the Olympic branding of everything has commenced nice and early like Christmas decorations going up in July, and there won’t be any escape. Acer’s outed an “Olympic Games Edition” of its Tegra 3-packing Iconia Tab A510. Read More >>

Acer Injects a Little Liquid Glow For MWC

I’m not quite sure why everyone is bothering to "unveil" stuff this close to MWC, but Acer’s jumping on the bandwagon. It’s pushed out an Ice Cream Sandwich-packing phone with the most drug-sounding name ever. Read More >>

In Association With SONY
A Retro Mouse and Mouse Mat-Combo Is Your RSI-Inducing Deal of the Day

We’ve got an array of modern gadgets and gizmos at tremendous prices further down in this piece, but the one that has tickled us the most today is decidedly retro. Read More >>

Acer Iconia Tab Hands On: One Tasty Ice Cream Sandwich

Acer's new quad-core, mega-resolution tablet is packing 1080p and some serious guts. It might be the turning point for when the average Android tablet is actually worth a damn. Read More >>

Acer Aspire S5 Hands On: Ultrabooks Are About to Get Really Good

The first generation of Ultrabooks was rushed out. Everything felt unfinished. Not the Aspire S5. Even though Acer's last Ultrabook attempt, the S3, was very middle-of-the-pack, the S5 looks like it's going to be good. It feels absolutely nothing like the S3. Where the S3 was plasticy, and overall cheap-feeling, the S5 is heavy duty and complete. Read More >>

Acer's Next Iconia Tab Features a 1080P Display

Rumours of a slimmer, more capable sibling to Acer's A200 tablet have been floating around for a while. But all Acer had to reveal at their press conference today was that the still unnamed tablet would have a full 1080P display, and will be powered by a quad core processor. Read More >>


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