These Scale-Shaped Tiles Will Soundproof Your Room With Style

There's nothing worse than an echo-y room. It feels empty and sounds like you're inside a tin can. Thankfully, you can fix all that with these customisable, multi-coloured tiles just released by the Madrid-based Stone Designs. Read More >>

Listen to the Purring, Electromagnetic Weirdness of Mushrooms

I was blown away when I first heard about a project that tried to tap into the electromagnetic communication potential of mushrooms. Using wires, radio waves, and circuits—not psychedelics—the project's off-kilter quest to find (and listen to) "electromagnetic fungi" was nonetheless more art than science. But who says mushrooms have the right to remain silent? Read More >>

Berlin's BoomRoom Plays Sounds Only You Can Hear (and Touch)

You know how some big rooms have special spots where you can stand and hear someone whisper from a hundred feet away. What if speakers could do that, selectively slinging sounds to specific listeners for specific purposes? You'd never have to wear headphones again! Read More >>

This Insanely-Loud Sound System Simulates the Roar of a Rocket Launch

Being shot into space puts spacecraft under extreme stress—but did you know that the sound of the rocket launch can damage a craft? Inside the Large European Acoustic Facility, engineers recreate the incredible noise of a launch to make sure satellites can survive it. According to the ESA, "no human could survive" the sound. Read More >>

Eavesdropping on the Secret Sounds of Trees

What if we could identify plants not by sight but by sound? It's not entirely fanciful: every plant makes a unique set of sounds—an auditory signature, if you will—influenced by its physiology. But these sounds, usually in the ultrasonic range, are not for our ears. Read More >>

Why the Epidaurus Theatre Has Such Amazing Acoustics

Epidaurus, Greece, was a small, unassuming city in ancient times, best known for being the supposed birth place of Apollo's son, Asklepios the healer. As Asklepios' following grew, so too did the town. Read More >>

How an Underwater Bomb in Australia Was Heard Around the World

In 1960, scientists did one of those experiments that just aren't allowed anymore. For the sake of science, they blew up three 300-lb anti-submarine bombs off the coast of Australia. A listening station 10,000 miles away in Bermuda—on the exact other side of the planet—waited. And waited. Read More >>

New Noise-Cancelling Technology for Restaurants Uses 123 Speakers to Serve Up Peaceful Meals

The days of having to shout over the noise at a restaurant may be over, thanks to a new digital noise-cancelling technology designed together by Meyer Sound and former Phish manager-turned-restauranteur, John Paluska. Utilising a combination of speakers, microphones, iPads, sound-dampening materials, and human ears, the staff at Comal can make the restaurant as loud or as quiet as they like. Read More >>


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