Facebook Acquires Best Activity-Tracking App Moves

Stylish brisk-walk monitor app Moves is today's beneficiary of the Facebook cash pile, with the maker revealing the app and parent company have been bought by Zuckerberg's team. Moves says there's no plan to "commingle data" from its users with Facebook, it's just the team and tech that'll be absorbed into the Facebook gene pool. [Moves via Techcrunch] Read More >>

Google Bought a Smartwatch Company

According to GigaOM, Google bought WIMM Labs last year to help develop its upcoming Android smartwatch. WIMM Labs was the maker of the WIMM One, a smart watch released a few years ago that ran a modified version of Android. Read More >>

What Apple's Latest Acquisition Says About the Future of Apple TV

Apple just bought a small startup company you probably never heard of called Why is this important? Because it might, maybe, could possibly reveal what Apple sees as the future of Apple TV: a channel-less oasis where it doesn't matter what streaming service you watch your favourite TV show on as long as it's through Apple TV. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Wants to Buy Nook for £640 Million

TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft, which has already made an interesting $300 (£200) million investment in Nook, wants to double down and buy the whole darn thing. Specifically, Microsoft wants to pay £640 million to acquire the digital assets of Nook Media LLC — that would be the separate Nook company that spun off from Barnes & Noble last year. Microsoft wants its own Kindle (or iBooks) store. Read More >>

Report: Twitter Is Working on Its Own Music App

Acquisitions usually aren't for nothing, and CNET is reporting that Twitter's purchase of music discovery app We Are Hunted last year means it's own standalone music app is allegedly on the way very soon. Read More >>

The Amazing Story of How Bill Nguyen Sold Two Companies You've Probably Never Heard of to Apple

In December of 2009 Apple bought a small startup led by Bill Nguyen named Lala. The company was named after the first words of Nguyen's adopted son. It was also a word play on the solfège note "La". Lala struggled through pivot after pivot in the music industry, buying digital radio stations, a CD swapping business and finally streaming music. Read More >>

You're the CEO: Which Company Should Buy What Other Company?

Facebook bought Instagram for a bazillion, Digg sold itself for a Subway gift card, and countless startups are hoping to get copped too. But if you could make it happen, which company would buy out which? Read More >>

Google Just Bought Its Instagram Competitor—And One of Apple's Favourite Apps

Google has just made a big photo buy—it has acquired Nik Software, a.k.a the company behind iOS app Snapseed and other image software. It's a big boost to Google's picture editing capabilities, though Facebook and Instagram are probably not freaking out so much as definitely listening to this news. Read More >>

PayPal Acquires Mobile-Wallet Tech Company

PayPal announced on their blog today that they have acquired, the San Francisco-based company that "provides technology for developers to capture credit card information by using the camera on a smartphone." Read More >>

Google Is Buying Meebo

Meebo, onetime mobile chat king, and current internet uglifier, has agreed to be acquired by Google. Details are sparse right now, but the purchase would make sense if Google's after Meebo as an ad platform. We'll let you know more as more information is available. Read More >>

Google's Motorola Buy Is Official Now

Google chief Larry Page has announced that the company's $12.5 (£8) billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility is finally official. Read More >>


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