European Parliament Declares Feared International Copyright Agreement Dead

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) was an EU treaty to protect copyright—but many feared that it was too restrictive and would in turn lead to online censorship. Fortunately the European Parliament has just rejected the agreement, meaning the internet lives to fight another day. Read More >>

Well Done Internet -- ACTA Has Been Vanquished

Has common sense finally prevailed thanks to political unrest against the horrendously overreaching anti-piracy acts we've been faced with of late? It seems so, as ACTA is essentially dead in the water according to the European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, and it seems the world's copyright industries might have to change to suit people rather than us bend to their will, as SOPA's essentially dead in the US too. Read More >>

ACTA on Shaky Ground as EU Refers Copyright Law to European Court of Justice

The controversial Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement appears to have run into stiff resistance within the European Parliament, with the EU's head of trade Karel De Gucht referring the scheme to the European Court of Justice to assess whether it's actually legal to implement across Europe. Read More >>

Anonymous Is Promising Weekly Hacks Every Friday For Your Protesting Enjoyment

The Anonymous hacking collective has been pretty busy of late protesting against copyright acts like ACTA. Recently it seems the group has been concentrating its firepower on Fridays in what it’s calling #FFF. Read More >>

The Netherlands Looks to Take the Lead in Rational Copyright Legislation

Copyright laws are designed to protect the "fair use" of copyrighted content such as mash-ups and remixes — or they were, at least, until the advent of the dreaded DMCA Takedown Notice. The Dutch government has taken notes on America's IP failures and is reportedly looking to explicitly protect such DMCA fodder, much to the chagrin of the European Union. Read More >>

What is ACTA? And Will it Really Destroy the Internet Like SOPA?

ACTA is the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a wide-ranging attempt to standardise international copyright laws, protect intellectual property and better care for business patents and the work of artists. That's what it says on the posters, at least. Read More >>


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