Panasonic Has a 4K Action Camera and it is Rather Strange

Panasonic has officially announced the HX-A500 wearable action camera, the real-world version of the prototype we saw back at CES. It's dustproof, waterproof down to three metres, and it straps to your head like some weird kind of Universal Soldier head piece. Read More >>

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This is What Action Cams Were Made For: A Peregrine Falcon Taking a Duck Mid-Air at 250MPH

If the sheer amount of hair-raising helmet cam footage we've seen wasn't enough to justify the existence of GoPros and their ilk for you, this amazing footage from the back of a Peregrine Falcon should put that to rest. The poor duck never even saw it coming. Read More >>

Sony Action Cam Review: Not as Awesome as We Hoped

When Sony announced their Action Camera, we guessed everyone else was in deep trouble. After all, Sony makes some of the baddest, most darkness-proof image sensors out there. But images speak louder than specs. So we put this little sucker through its paces. Read More >>


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