steve jobs
The New Steve Jobs Action Figure Is A Horrifying Mutant

The Japanese Jobs fanboys at Legend Toys absolutely nailed the face of the late Apple tycoon on its newest action figure. It's a phenomenal job. But, quick question—why are his hands the size of skateboards? Read More >>

steve jobs
Apple Wants to Stop Freaky/Awesome Steve Jobs Action Figure Sales

Apple has threatened to sue In Icons, the manufacturer of the 12-inch-tall freaky!/awesome!/freaky!/awesome! Steve Jobs action figure. At least that's what the Daily Telegraph is saying, specifying no sources whatsoever. Read More >>

steve jobs
This New Steve Jobs Action Figure Is So Good It's Freaky

This is not the first Steve Jobs, but it's definitely the most realistic. So realistic that it actually freaks me out. It's 12 inches high (scale 1:6) and comes on full Apple CEO regalia, from the New Balance to the Levis. Read More >>


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