Under Armour Teases Some Kind of "Performance Monitor"

Is it any surprise that another sportswear company is getting into the activity tracker game? Well, it shouldn't be. The latest, it appears, will be Under Armour when it launches what the company says will be a "first-of-its-kind performance monitoring system" on February 12 in New York. Don't worry, the message didn't really self-destruct but I will say it's probably one of the best press kits I've ever received. Read More >>

LG Smart Activity Tracker: This FuelBand Clone Is a Mashup of Every Wearable Gadget

LG's Smart Activity Watch is FuelBand look-alike—there's no denying it. And, yes, there are already a lot of new wearable fitness trackers. Well, LG crams the features of all of its competitors into one. And by the time it comes out this summer, the watch might add something everybody wants: A heart rate monitor. Read More >>

You Never Have to Worry About Syncing This Constantly-Connected Bluetooth Activity Tracker

Sensing a trend here? Because I am. Yet another activity tracker has emerged from the bowels of CES Unveiled. Read More >>

Finally, A Tiny Wearable Activity Tracker That Supports Android And Takes Your Pulse

I know what you're thinking and I thought the same thing too. But this little activity tracker is different from the others, I swear. Read More >>


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