Garmin Vivofit Review: Some Good Ideas But Not Quite There

In the ever-expanding pantheon of wearable fitness trackers, Garmin is looking for an open seat, ideally at the Cool Kids' Table (CKT). Garmin makes some of the best GPS sports watches out there, so expectations were high for the company's first tracker. While it adds a nice trick or two, the holes are just too many. Read More >>

Mio is Bringing Heart Rate Monitoring to Your Wristband

Mio, which was one of the first companies to make a watch that could accurately measure your heart rate without an additional chest strap, has decided to downsize. They've taken the brains of the Mio Alpha, then they shrunk it and got rid of its face. What we've got left is a pulse reading wristband called the Mio Link. Good idea! Kind of. Read More >>

Sony's Tiny Activity Tracker is Adorable and...Emotional?

Sony just got into the wearable activity tracker game, with their new product, The Core. The Core—which looks like it's about one inch long by half an inch wide—can be worn in a pocket or placed into a sleek wrist band. Sony says it may be the smallest product they've ever made. Read More >>

Jawbone's New UP24 Finally Brings Bluetooth to the Party

It's kind of hard to believe, but Jawbone—a company that was built on Bluetooth—didn't have a wireless radio in the first two iterations of its fitness tracker, the Jawbone UP. That finally changes today with the introduction of the Jawbone UP24. Read More >>

How Does Nike's New Fuelband Compare to Its Toughest Competition?

Nike's newest iteration of its signature activity tracker seems... fine. It's slightly more water resistant, it has some new tapping functions, and it finally added Bluetooth. That's good! But the real question is whether it's enough of an upgrade to keep up with an increasingly crowded field of activity trackers. Here's how it compares. Read More >>

Withings Pulse Review: Lots of Data In a Little Package

This year has produced a flood of fitness trackers and, as such, it takes more than it has in the past to stand out from the crowd. The unassuming Withings Pulse has a neat trick up its sleeve that just might do it: In addition to all the usual stuff, it can take your pulse. Read More >>

5 Wearable Concepts Worth Taking a Chance On

Wearable gadgets are everywhere, and it's not just the big boys who are looking to get in on the action. A handful of smaller and, in some instances, unique takes on the burgeoning trend are popping up on crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Here are five of the most promising activity trackers of the future that you can back today. Read More >>

No, the iWatch Isn't "Definitely" Coming This Year

There are headlines today, in abundance, that an Apple iWatch will be coming in 2013. They are declarative. They are definitive. They are wrong. The iWatch might be coming this year, or might come in 2015, or it might not come at all. And nothing in this Bloomberg report changes that. Read More >>

Fitbit Goes for the Wrist

We liked the Fitbit One activity tracker, but there was some convenience lacking. While its pebble-like form-factor was very discreet, it meant you always had to take it out and put it in a special arm band if you wanted to monitor your sleep, then return it to your jeans in the morning. And which jeans did you forget them in this time? Read More >>


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