A Private Jet Catalogue That Actually Flies: This Is How You Sell Luxury

When you're dealing with clients who will potentially be spending millions of pounds on your product, it doesn't hurt to splurge a little on your promotional items. After all, you've got to spend money to make money, so the brochure for Embraer's new Lineage 1000 private jet was designed to fly just like the aircraft itself — or float, at least. Read More >>

Is BlackBerry's New Ad the Dumbest Tech Ad You've Ever Seen?

BlackBerry's Super Bowl ad from last night was... uh... interesting as you can see above. The company claimed that in 30 seconds, it was easier to show us what BB10 couldn't do — which is perhaps some of the laziest marketing ever. Read More >>

The Only Facebook Ad Parody You Need To Watch

I'm glad someone finally made a parody that truly shows the impossibly high level of imbecility and self-congratulatory pretentiousness of that stupid Facebook ad that we had to suffer last week. Read More >>

Report: Intel Is Planning Targeted TV Advertising With Facial Recognition

Reuters is reporting that Intel is pursuing a creepy little venture, in conjunction with pay TV providers, which involves a set-top box, recognising your face and then targeting ads. Read More >>


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