A Camera-Filled Football Gives Fans a Dizzying View of the Game

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaches, the official sponsor Adidas has customised one of its new Brazuca footballs, turning it into "the Brazucam", which provides 360-degree views of all the action on field. It might no longer be considered as suitable for regulation play, but it's as close to participating in the World Cup as most of us will ever get. Read More >>

Adidas Originals X Monster Headphones for That Upside Down Run-DMC Look

After blinding all CES goers with dazzling 24K over-ears, Monster's latest headphone partnership is with Adidas Originals. Now your cans can match your Samba sneakers, meaning no head-to-toe Adidas suit will be complete without them. Read More >>

Adidas Goes Softer Than Nike With Knitted Samba Primeknit

Nike's Flyknit range is the current softest, maddest and most likely to impress grandma footwear series money can buy, although it looks set to be beaten by the Adidas Samba Primeknit and its one-piece knitted upper for the sporting nouveau riche. Read More >>

This Giant Shoebox in London is Actually an Adidas Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops are all over the place these days, but when a big brand decides to get in on the action, it's often worth the hype. Read More >>

Monster's 24K Headphones are Even More Ridiculously Pimp; Adidas Originals Cans Coming Soon

Just in case you thought celebrity-endorsed headphones were a thing of the past, Monster used CES as the opportunity to announce its latest offerings to the headphones market, including a fresh new partnership with Adidas Originals. Read More >>

Viva Brazuca: Taking the 2014 World Cup Game Ball For a Spin

Every four years, there's another World Cup. Every World Cup gets a new game ball. And since 1970, that ball has been made by Adidas. Enter Brazuca, the official game ball for World Cup 2014. It's different, which is great—especially for players who find themselves in need of a scapegoat. Read More >>

Adidas Is Peddling a £250 Smartwatch To Make You Run Better

Adidas is the latest company to hop on the ever-growing smartwatch train. It just showed off its fitness wristwear, which goes on sale November 1 for a whopping $400 in the US (around £250 here, but that's not taking into account taxes and inflation). Read More >>

Adidas Springblade: Shoes with Actual Springs Might Be a Good Idea?

Adidas has another new running shoe, this one even more divergent than its Boost shoe and its new foam. It's a bunch of springs, basically, strapped to your foot. And it sort of makes a lot of sense. Read More >>

3d printing
Nike and Adidas are 3D Printing Prototypes at "Impossible" Speeds

It shouldn't come as a surprise that 3D printers are helping shoe manufacturers accelerate the prototyping of new shoes. But just how big is that impact? The Financial Times reports that both Nike and Adidas are embracing the semi-new technology and churning out prototypes at "previously impossible" speeds. Read More >>

Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoes Review: For Once, New Shoes Which Live Up to the Hype

Adidas isn't the first company you think of when you think running. But its new Energy Boost shoes are getting a lot of hype. "Breakthrough for running shoes," it says. Big claims, but surprisingly, backed up by the performance. Read More >>

Adidas Energy Running: The Next Great Running Innovation, Or the Next Big Cheat

Running shoes are a touchy subject. Some people like minimal cushioning to promote good form, others prefer something more engineered. Adidas's new Energy Running push comes down on that side of the argument in an impressive way. Maybe even too impressive. Read More >>

These Team GB Olympians Lip-Synching to Queen Would Be Better After a Couple of Drinks, I'm Sure

Adidas roped in a smattering of Olympic medallists (oh, and David Beckham) for a lip-synching rendition of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now, to mark the end of the London Olympics. It's cute, but kind of leaves me cold -- I think, given half the chance, the video would be much better if each athlete were locked in a karaoke room with me for an hour beforehand, so I could teach 'em my karaoke dance routine. Rio 2016, ok Adidas? [YouTube] Read More >>

Dying a Single Shirt With CO2 Saves 25 Litres of Water

The simple act of turning a shirt from white to blue—or any colour—requires 25 litres of water and enough harmful chemicals that every clothing manufacturer should be looking for safer methods. Like this fantastic CO2-based DryDye technology that Adidas has started using which doesn't require a single drop of H2O. Read More >>

The Future of Watching Sports: A View Inside A Pro Athlete's Body

Increasingly, the image of a "sports nerd" is a pasty weakling with a laptop and a spreadsheet. It's Moneyball's fault, or something. But for more fluid sports like football, deep statistical analysis has proven challenging. Not anymore. Adidas is tracking every movement of every player in America's Major League Soccer —and soon, maybe all of sports. Read More >>

The Best Headphones for Running

The right music doesn't soothe the savage beast, it makes the beast more savage. When you're going for a long run, that's exactly what you want. The pulse of thumping beats can make you feel superhuman. It certainly beats the sound of your own labored breathing. Read More >>

British Olympic Ladies May Have "Sensors" in Their Bras

One of the posh new pieces of kit Stella McCartney has designed for the British Olympic team is a very modern bra for the lady tennis players, which integrates the Adidas MiCoach sensor and app system. Read More >>


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