How Adobe Built a Stylus Fit For the Cloud

The other day we learned that Adobe is abandoning Creative Suite for the cloud. But at the tail end of its announcement, the company also revealed a surprising little hardware project that shows how it plans to augment Creative Cloud: a pressure-sensitive iPad stylus called Project Mighty and its ruler cousin, Napoleon. Read More >>

Will Adobe's Move to the Cloud Finally Keep the Pirates at Bay?

Today, Adobe announced the latest round of updates to its ubiquitous software suite, with its Creative Cloud subscription service taking centre-stage. Not only is the old Creative Suite moniker being dropped completely, but a whole slew of cloud-dependent features were introduced. While the updates will be a boon to a huge number of Adobe customers, it's going to annoy the hell out of one core Adobe demo: the pirates. Read More >>

No More Photoshop 'CS': Adobe Creative Suite Is Now Creative Cloud

At Adobe’s annual MAX conference today, the company announced a major overhaul of the ten-year-old Creative Suite, which will now be known as Creative Cloud. From now on, you won’t buy CS6 or CS7—you’ll buy a £46 per month subscription to CC (happily, the first year will only cost £27 for anyone with a CS3 or later serial number). Read More >>

Photoshop's Genius Shake Reduction Tool Fixes Blurry Shots Like Magic

Everyone who is not a good photographer is a bad photographer—a condition that's only made worse because we insist on documenting our lives with abysmal smartphone cameras. And of all of the terrible things that ruin photos blur from slow shutter speeds is amongst the most common. Photoshop to the rescue. Read More >>

Apple's Big New Hire Sure Doesn't Like Apple Sometimes

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch — that's the guy in charge of technology at a very powerful and important technology company — is jumping ship, reportedly for Apple. Which is odd, because he's said a lot of mean, frustrated things about Apple! Read More >>

You Can Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for Your iPhone or Android Phone Now

If you've been waiting the cold long year to get Photoshop on your iPhone or Android Phone, the wait is finally over. Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android is now available for £3. Read More >>

It's Less Expensive to Fly to the US and Buy Adobe CS6 Than to Buy It in Australia

Adobe may be trying its best to skirt the issue of crazy high prices in Australia, but it's going to be hard as long as news outlets like keep pointing out that it is actually cheaper to fly to the US and pick up a copy of Adobe CS6 than it is to stay in Australia and buy it there. Read More >>

Adobe's CEO Completely Refuses to Answer Questions About Unfair Pricing

Adobe is currently receiving flack for selling software at inflated prices in Australia, where Creative Suite costs around £1,000 more than in the UK. In this interview, Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen completely refuses to explain why. Politicians could learn something from this guy; he's more slippery than a fish coated in Crisco. [YouTube via Verge] Read More >>

Adobe's Developing a Brilliant Photo Editing App You Can Just Talk To

Photography is getting easier thanks to cameras that are able to better evaluate and automatically choose the best settings for a given scene. But photo editing, that's still a bit of a mystery to most amateur photographers. So Adobe—the makers of Photoshop—are working with the University of Michigan to develop an extremely intelligent photo editing app that simply does what you tell it to do. Read More >>

The No-Hire Emails That Incriminate Apple, Google, Adobe and More

A court filing has just been made public which sheds light on the "no-hire" gentleman's agreements that have pervaded the tech industry — and reveals how Steve Jobs threatened litigation to prevent companies from stealing his staff. Read More >>

Why Adobe's Massive Photoshop Fail Could've Been a Clever Business Move

If you were hooked up to your computer yesterday, you might've noticed that Adobe apparently released Creative Suite 2 to the public for free. I say apparently, because it turns out that although Adobe stuck the install files and serial numbers on the internet for anyone with an Adobe account to see and download, it apparently didn't want to have a big software give-away -- even though it would've actually been a really good idea. Read More >>

Grab Photoshop and CS2 For Absolutely Free, Right Now

Adobe's giving us all a late Christmas present. You can grab yourself a free, legitimate copy of Photoshop and the rest of the Creative Suite 2, right now, direct from Adobe. No catch. Read More >>

windows 8
IE10 Metro Won't Run Flash Unless Your Site Is on a Microsoft Whitelist

Yeah, you read that right. I just received an interesting email from Brightcove (the video delivery guys) about issues with their Flash based solution and Windows 8 running the new Internet Explorer 10. Read More >>

BBC Releases Its Own Flash Player For Android

With Adobe's Flash Player for Android currently in its final death throes, the BBC needs a new way of letting Android users access its Flash-based mobile video streams. Which is what the new BBC Media Player app is. Read More >>

Adobe Backtracks And Reinstates Flash to Google Play Because Strategic Partners Said So

Last we heard, Adobe was pulling the plug on Flash for Android by taking the player application out of Google Play, but after a bit of pressure from British "strategic partners", Adobe has done a quick 180 and popped it back in the UK store. For how much longer, is the next question, as Adobe has said that the plug-in would be removed "soon". Read More >>


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