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The Dizzying Work of Hand-Painting Ads Across New York City Skyscrapers

Walk around New York City, and you're bound to see the work of these "wall dogs"—the men and women who paint billboard-size ads by hand, high above the city streets. Their work is exacting, and the places they paint are terrifying. Don't watch this if you're afraid of heights. Read More >>

This is How an Amazing Photoshop Job Turns Dozens of Pictures into One Magical Image

Image compositing is a common practice in digital art and advertising. But often the crazy extent of it is completely invisible. Like the image above, which is made of a few dozen separate pictures. This GIF--posted to Reddit--peels back the layers of one meticulously crafted scene. Read More >>

This Clever Newspaper Ad Hides a 3D Kitchen in the Classifieds

As far as newspaper ads go, the classifieds are an especially boring section of tiny text and identically spaced columns. But it doesn't always have to be so! This ingenious little ad for Corona's kitchens by Colombia-based designer Felipe Salazar plays with the geometry of classified ads. An entire kitchen, complete with gas hood and stove, pops right out at you. You can't do that with Craigslist. Read More >>

Expect to See Even More New Types of Adverts on Twitter Soon

In another attempt at mimicking the actions of other social networks, Twitter is set to introduce 15 new types of adverts, some of which seem to have been "inspired" by Facebook. Read More >>

Are Yahoo Making a YouTube Competitor?

Re/code reports that Yahoo is looking to build a YouTube competitor—and that the purple-Y company has already begun trying to woo YouTube stars with offers of ad revenue and video promotion that Google's video service can't match. [Re/code] Read More >>

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Every Brand Video You've Ever Seen in One Sweeping Parody

Based on Kendra Eash's brilliant McSweeney's piece of the same name, This is a Generic Brand Video is a perfect moving collage of everything that makes brand videos so terrible. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Advert Lays Into iPad, Surface and Kindle

This is the advertising equivalent of walking up to the most popular kids in school, kicking them in the nether regions and then asking them out for a fight. Fair play to Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro advert -- it's got balls, if not all of its facts straight. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Filmed Noisy Filmgoers and Put Them in Fake Trailers

To help drive home the point that you shouldn't ruin a film by talking, using your phone, or snacking excessively loud, Coca-Cola created a fake trailer featuring people in the actual cinema disrupting the action on screen. Which served to drive home the clip's tagline: "When you make noise during the movie, you become part of it." Read More >>

This Ad's Optical Illusion Reveals the Hazards of Driving

Audi's luxury vehicles include a night-vision system that will automatically warn drivers about hazards on the road. And to drive home just how life-saving it can be, the company's ad agency created a brilliant billboard in an airport with a secret hazard that was only revealed to passengers when they got closer and closer. Read More >>

An Oreo-Making Robot is Pretty Much Mankind's Greatest Achievement

You can forget the wheel, nuclear power, and even the internet. All of man's greatest creations have been eclipsed by this pint-sized robot that's able to make custom Oreo cookies whenever you have the craving. Read More >>

Passengers Heat This Battery Bus Shelter by Holding Each Other's Hands

The only thing worse than the cold and snow of winter is when you're stuck in the middle of it waiting for a bus. So to make the experience a little less awful, Duracell turned a transit shelter in Toronto into a giant battery that powered a set of warmth-providing heaters. Read More >>

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That Time a Japanese Ad Firm Ripped Off Star Wars to Sell Fish

A long time ago, in a suspiciously similar galaxy just far enough away to avoid copyright litigation, the Hagoromo fish-canning company realised it could totally cash in on an overseas pop culture craze. This is the result. Use the Force, try this delicious "sea-chicken" tuna snack. Read More >>

Ad Model's Hair Gets Messed Up When a Train Goes by, Just Like Yours

This ingenious interactive ad for Swedish pharmacy brand Apotek is just perfect. When the train pulls into the station it feels exactly what you feel: the wind blowing through your hair. Read More >>

How Online Ads Work

You probably think online ads are pretty annoying. But without them, the internet as we know it would not exist—and this blogger would not have a job. These are not your everyday ads, though. They're built on an impressively complex network of technology that anyone can appreciate. Read More >>

LG Created a Magazine Ad as Thin as its OLED TV

To really drive home the fact of just how thin the company's latest OLED TVs were, LG's advertising firm in Sweden, M&C Saatchi Stockholm. They created a brilliant ad for the spine of a magazine called Sound & Vision since it turned out both were four millimetres thick. Read More >>

Mozilla is Putting Ads in Firefox's New-Tab Page

There is no escape from consumerism: Mozilla has announced that it is going to start experimenting with promotional tiles in its 'new tab' page. Read More >>


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