Amazing Aerogel: Eight Looks at the Ghostly Supermaterial in Action

Aerogel must be one of the strangest supermaterials to ever exist. Ghostly and shimmering in appearance, it's insanely light, incredibly strong, and an amazing thermal insulator. And its tricks look absolutely impossible when you see them up close. Read More >>

Graphene Sponges: The Lightest Material on the Planet

At this point, it'd be more of a surprise if graphene wasn't an integral part of a mind-bending, record-setting new technology. But, of course, it is. Again. Enter the lightest material in the world: graphene aerogel. Read More >>

Watch This Tiny Aerogel Boat Run For Almost an Hour On a Minuscule Drop of Ethanol

It doesn't exactly herald a new era of fossil-fuel free transportation, but this experiment showing a tiny aerogel boat zipping along for almost an hour on a drop of ethanol could lead to new ways of thinking about boat propulsion. Read More >>


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