This Folded Aircraft Looks Like a Spaceship

From this perspective and in their fully folded stow position, the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey looks like a some weird spaceship concept. It's amazing how these things fold. It's fully automatic too. Here's a video showing the process: Read More >>

Soviet-Era Ukranian Bomber Briefly Appears on eBay for £1.8 Million

Have you ever wanted to own a plane from a long-gone oppressive regime? Who am I kidding, of course you have. Someone over in the Ukraine tried to capitalise on this ever-expanding market, which is why they put a 27-year-old Tupolev TU-95 bomber up for sale on eBay. Read More >>

Investigators: Latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fire Not Caused by Battery

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner continued the model's string of bad luck yesterday when it burst into flames on the tarmac at London Heathrow Airport yesterday. The good news was that it was unoccupied at the time. And now there's a little bit more: investigators say it wasn't the battery's fault. Read More >>

Raising a WWII Bomber From the Depths of the Ocean

Archaeology is not, in general, a thrilling and exciting pastime. But sometimes, gently moving dirt around with paintbrushes gives way to something more adrenelaine-pumping -- in this case, trying to raise a rusted and rotting German bomber from the depths of the English Channel, without the whole thing falling to bits. Read More >>

Virgin Wants to Sell You Duty-Free Artwork On Its Planes

Films for your in-flight entertainment? That's for the plebs, daahling. No, for real classy onboard diversions to compliment your caviar and bubbly, you want an art gallery. Always one to cater to the discerning champagne-swizzling first-class passenger, Virgin Atlantic is adding actual, real-life art galleries to some upper-class lounges. Read More >>

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This Insane Stunt Plane Hovering Right Next to a Parachutist Will Blow Your Mind

Parachuting is already scary enough for most people, but no! Red Bull needs MORE ADRENALIN!  Which is why they decided to send some poor unfortunate parachuting, and then somehow defy physics and hover a stunt plane right next to him. Any sane person should be shitting themselves right about now. Read More >>

British Airways Will Use Google to Dig Up Dirt On You, Pre-Flight

While soaring high above the clouds sounds like a complete dream to many, taking the plane is not everyone's favourite past time, especially frequent fliers. And now those lucky individuals checking into business or first class with British Airways can expect a privacy invasion too. BA's rolled out its 'tailored' service where it'll actually google you to create a dossier on each of its passengers. Read More >>

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If You Fire an Aeroplane Engine Strapped To An Aircraft Carrier, Would the Ship Go Faster?

This is Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Christopher Cogar. He's testing a F-414 jet engine's afterburner aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington. And spectacular view, no doubt, which made me wonder: Read More >>

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This Is What the Jubilee Looked Like From a Lancaster Bomber

Thanks to the Queen we got two extra days off this weekend, and many of us braved the rain to go wave a flag somewhere. One of the most impressive parts of the celebrations was the Battle of Britain Buckingham Palace flyby, which included this awesome Lancaster Bomber. Read More >>

Virgin Becomes the First UK Airline to Let You Jabber On Your Blower Mid-Flight

Virgin's just rolled out in-flight calling, provided AeroMobile, which will set you back about the same as your regular roaming provider. Finally, you'll be able to make that crucial in-flight call to your mates, to find out what the hell caused you to get that effigy of Sir Richard Branson tattooed on your back when you were blind drunk last night. Read More >>

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There's No Way You'd Survive a Terrifying Plane Crash Like This

Yesterday we heard that Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel deliberately crashed a 727-jet plane into the desert. Now there’s a terrifying eyewitness video to show you just how horrific that really was. There’s no way you’d come out of that alive, surely? Read More >>

The New F-18 Cockpit Display Looks Like An Awesome Videogame

This is the new LCD display in the cockpit for the new revision F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. It looks like an awesome 90s arcade videogame. One that doesn't allow you to insert a coin to continue when you die. Read More >>

A Chinese Farmer Builds a DIY Plane Out of Scrap In His Backyard

After collecting scrap for two years and melding it into the homemade monstrosity you see above, Li Jingchun’s plane is finally finished – at least on the outside. Read More >>


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