A Teenager Somehow Survived a Five-Hour Flight in a Jet's Wheel Well

A 16-year-old boy managed to stow away in the wheel well of a flight headed from California to Hawaii on Sunday—and then survived the five hour trip despite freezing temperatures, low pressures and little oxygen. Read More >>

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This Super-Sized Cargo Plane Carries NASA's Biggest Loads

When NASA needs to ship its outsized spacecraft components between production, testing, and launch facilities around the country, there is only one plane big enough, powerful enough, and—most importantly—wide enough to do the job: the Aero Spacelines Super Guppy. Read More >>

Why it's Taking Satellites So Long to Find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Today, we're hearing yet another report about a satellite that has spotted "potential objects," which might be floating wreckage from the vanished flight Malaysia Flight 370. Today, those images come from France. Yesterday, the images came from China. Last week it was an Australian bird making discoveries. Read More >>

Chinese Satellite Spots Floating Object in Flight 370 Search

Chinese authorities said today that a satellite spotted a large object in the area of the Indian Ocean where the search continues for Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370. Malaysia's defense minister Hishammuddin Hussein says China will send ships to investigate the object. Read More >>

Dumb News Presenter Compares MH370 Hunt to That of Noah's Ark

Fox News presenter Bill Hemmer mentally copied and pasted some wrong imaginary facts into his live report on the current whereabouts of flight MH370, comparing its disappearance and the subsequent search to that of the Titanic and, er, Noah's Ark. Read More >>

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This Absurd Flying Whale Ushered in a New Age of Stealth Technology

Not every program DARPA undertakes can be another Big Dog—the agency has had its fair share of fizzled experiments over the years—but even those failures can yield exciting new insights. Just look at the Northrop Tacit Blue, a plane so unwieldy it incorporated more redundancy than the Space Shuttle but also demonstrated the potency of curved stealth design. Read More >>

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is Having Wing Cracking Problems

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Boeing's long-suffering 787 Dreamliner has hit yet another snag: At least 42 newly-produced jets may have hairline fractures along the wings. Luckily, the planes haven't been delivered to buyers yet, but it's still bad news for Boeing. Read More >>

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Just Look How Much Airplane Wings Flex in Crosswinds

Landing in a crosswind can be terrifying, but just watch this video and see how much the wings of a Boeing 767 flex during severe turbulence. It's... disconcerting to say the least. Read More >>

BAE's Taranis Combat Drone Now Flying Above the UK

The MoD and BAE Systems have revealed that the Taranis unmanned combat vehicle was undergoing secret test flights in the UK last year, with the drone carrying out several flights in our airspace -- some lasting for as long as one hour. Read More >>

Did Another Boeing Dreamliner Battery Really Just Catch On Fire?

Reuters reports that smoke was seen coming from a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner early Wednesday morning. You might remember that almost exactly a year ago, a Dreamliner caught on fire in Boston, grounding the plane worldwide for four months. The cause of that fire? The battery. Oof Boeing can't catch a break. Read More >>

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These Doomsday Planes Protect Heads of State When Disaster Strikes

In the event of a nuclear strike on American soil, they're going to be in a little bit of trouble. But at least we'll die safe in the knowledge that the valiant leaders of their nation—or any yahoos lucky enough to be in office at the time—will be escaping the nuclear holocaust in a fleet of environmentally-impervious airborne command centres. Read More >>

Passenger Jet Pilot Panicked by UFO Over Heathrow

The pilot of an Airbus A320 was thrown into a panic while flying 20 miles west of Heathrow, telling authorities he saw a metallic "cigar/rugby ball like" object and "was fully expecting to experience some kind of impact with a conflicting aircraft." But nothing happened. So it was probably a goose or kids sending their phone into space on a balloon. [Telegraph] Read More >>

RAF Tornado Jets are Flying With 3D Printed Spare Parts

RAF contractor BAE Systems has revealed that some Tornado jets have been flying with spare parts built using a 3D printer, with layered metallic replacement bits featuring in some test flights last month. Read More >>

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This Wacky Forward Wing Jet Flew Faster Than the Speed of Sound

The 1980s ushered in more than a few aeronautical revolutions thanks to the emergence of both composite manufacturing techniques and rapidly advancing digital technology. This uniquely designed experimental aircraft integrated all of them into a single system. Read More >>

Now You Don't Have to Shut off Your Electronics on European Flights

After last month's hugely celebrated decision by the United States FAA to overturn the personal electronics ban on flights, Europe's EASA has come to a similar decision. The Guardian reports that by December, passengers on European flights will no longer have to turn off their mobiles, e-readers, or laptops, though larger devices will need to be stowed during takeoff and landing. The revolution's going worldwide! Read More >>

Join the Mile High Club for £270 (Must Supply Own Sex Partner)

A US flight company is offering customers the opportunity to do some sex in an aeroplane, selling romantic mini flights for just $425. Customers go up in a small light aircraft and get to do it behind a curtain while the pilot tries to concentrate. Read More >>


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