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The Aluminium Airship of the Future Has Finally Flown

There was once a time when man looked to the skies and expected to see giant balloons rather than aeroplanes drifting above. The Hindenburg Disaster promptly put an end to those dreams. But nearly a century later, one company may have finally figured out how to build a dirigible suitable for the 21st century. Just don't call it a blimp.
This fully rigid airship, dubbed the Aeroscraft, differs fundamentally from, say, the Goodyear blimp. Blimps, by definition, have no internal structure and maintain their shapes only through the pressure of the gas they contain; when the gas escapes, they deflate like the gigantic balloons they are. Rigid airships, like zeppelins before them, maintain their shape regardless of gas pressure thanks to an internal skeleton structure, the Hindenburg utilized highly flammable balsa wood, but the Aeroscraft's is made of aluminium and carbon fibre and maintains its buoyancy with a series of gas filled bladders. Unlike hybrid airships, the Aeroscraft doesn't require forward momentum to generate lift via a set of wings. It's all hydrogen power. Read More >>

The Gigantic Aeroscraft Is Finished—and It's Awesome

Good news, people! The gigantic Aeroscraft—a new type of rigid aircraft that is neither a blimp nor an airplane—is complete. This thing can change the way we understand travelling, as well as military transportation. You can see a video of its first move here. Read More >>


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