How Nuclear Bombs Tell Us the Age of Human Cells

When mushroom clouds exploded in the sky during Cold War era nuclear bombs testing, they also created an unexpected boon for science. The nuclear explosions caused a massive uptick in Carbon-14 that eventually settled in all living tissue—everything from tree rings, to elephant tusks, to human brain cells. Read More >>

Breasts Age Faster Than the Rest of a Woman's Body

The breasts of women seem to age more quickly than the rest of their body, according to new research which uses DNA analysis of tissue and blood to measure the rate of cell decline. Read More >>

Discovery of DNA "Biological Clock" Could Get Us Closer to Immortality

The identification of the DNA markers associated with ageing has brought us one step closer to the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth. UCLA geneticist Steve Horvath just published details about the discovery, and says that this could actually lead to drugs that reverse the process of ageing. Read More >>

Can You Beat Harvard's Guess-Your-Age Machine?

Harvard's got a clever little test that just gets you to click a few on-screen circles to guess your age. It was way off for me, apparently I'm meant to be 33 years old by Harvard's measure, but for the rest of the Giz UK staff it was only two years out. Just from clicking buttons. Wow. Read More >>

See How Fat and Wrinkled You'll Get if You Don't Calm Down on the Red Wine

The Scottish government has launched its latest war of the ravages of alcohol abuse, which includes a smartphone app that attempts to illustrate the harsh ageing effects brought on by the happy sauce. Read More >>


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