Perfectly Age Your Face Through 80 Years Based on a Single Photograph

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new technique for simulating the ageing of faces over nearly eight decades—and it's incredible. Read More >>

This Amazing Village is Designed Just for People With Dementia

Centuries after Shakespeare wrote about King Lear's symptoms, there's still no perfect way to care for sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer's. In Holland, however, a radical idea is being tested: Self-contained "villages" where dementia patients shop, cook, and live together—safely. Read More >>

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Watch a Girl Age Into an Old Woman in This Stunning Time Lapse

Aging is a fierce b-word that deepens the lines on your face, sags the skin on your body and grays the hair on your head. All in the name of accruing wisdom! The thing with aging though is that it literally takes years to see its effect. Well, this incredible time lapse fast forwards the process and shows what a girl would look like as an old woman. Read More >>

Science Finds Fountain of Youth Brain Region That Slows Down Aging

Eternal or even elongated life is an idiotic thing to wish for. You don't want to get old, and then tack on 50 more years of wrinkles and Metamucil. But prolonged youth? Full body youth? More time being young and nubile and beautiful? Absolutely. And the key to that could lie right inside your brain. Read More >>

Can You Beat Harvard's Guess-Your-Age Machine?

Harvard's got a clever little test that just gets you to click a few on-screen circles to guess your age. It was way off for me, apparently I'm meant to be 33 years old by Harvard's measure, but for the rest of the Giz UK staff it was only two years out. Just from clicking buttons. Wow. Read More >>

The Science of Aging

If your face is wrinkling, joints are creaking and eyesight failing, it's time to face facts: you're getting old. But what causes ageing, anyway, and why is it so damn inevitable? Read More >>

Once You Hit 75, Eat All the Doughnuts You Want, Says Science

When you're old, screw it—you might as well hit up the 1 - 3pm Pizza Hut buffet to load up on Garlic Pizza bread every day of the week. Your nearly eight decades of life have earned you the right to eat what you want. But seriously, science now says that once you hit 75, the benefits of eating healthily go out the window. Read More >>

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Watch Humans Age from 1 Year Old to 100 Years Old

Using a Panasonic GH2, Dutch filmmaker Jeroen Wolf captured people ranging from 1 year young to 100 years old. It's simple—the person stares at the camera at states their age—yet incredibly touching to see the growth and experience you earn as the years add up. Read More >>

Have Scientists Found a Potential Cure For Aging In Space?

Astronauts not only risk getting blown-up on exiting Earth's atmosphere; risk getting blown-out into the unforgiving vacuum of space, and risk dying in a fiery inferno burning up on re-entry, they also age faster thanks to the lack of gravity. Now researchers have found the enzyme responsible for killing-off their cells including their immune system, which could also be inhibited here on Earth to help slow the aging process. Read More >>

The Secret to Eternal Youth Unlocked?

Whether it's a good idea or not, many people fantasise about the idea of being able to live forever. While scientists haven't been shying away from the problem, progress has been slow. Read More >>

What Drinking, Smoking and Eating Too Much Will Do to Your Face (It Ain't Pretty)

I'm young and dumb and partake in all kinds of illicit activities. It's part of growing up, right? But after seeing these pictures of what happens to a normal person if they kept living an unhealthy lifestyle? I'm now scared for my future. Read More >>


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